15 July 2009

Sweep the Ball

I just turned on the TV and Criss Angel is starting.
I like that. Eclectic. But I like.
Crissie Angelie Mindie Freakie.

It's been two hectic yet mundane weeks.
And I'm guessing that it has been for you too.

I like paper but I don't like paperwork.
There's a bunch of stuff there that costed a lot of money to legalize.

This was the note I wrote for my neighbour who's living upstairs. He or she enjoys hanging their wet mop outside. And when I hang out my clothes to dry, the disgusting dirty water from that mop drips onto my clean clothes. Therefore I have been very pissed. But I am being nice for now. If nothing works then I'll just go burn their mop from the window. Click on the picture for a bigger version (same for all other pictures in this post).
Just kidding about the burning.
I'm not that merciful.

Something broke a couple of weeks ago: my glasses. So I had a new pair (above). It's dark purple. Purple is one of the colours I like, and because it's dark it's even more likeable. And it has some butterfly and floral patterns on it. But most importantly, I've had my eyes checked. My right eye has gotten worse, plus it's slightly astigmatic. That means my right eye sees two when there's only one. It's not serious but from a distance the number 3 can look like an 8 to me even when I have glasses on and can see in perfect vision. These lenses however, help get rid of that double-vision. My optician had to get especially the right lense carefully fabricated.
Wearing glasses is a love-hate relationship for me. It gives me headaches and there are days that I'd rather just go out 'blind' than with glasses or contacts on.

My friend-in-the-pen lately is Michael's mom. She writes to me in German and sends newspaper articles for me to read. And I do write back in German, the best I can. I sometimes have a little difficulty figuring out her handwriting but it's something different. I don't know if it's true but Europeans seem to have the same kind of handwriting, the patterns and curves of the alphabets are standard - speaking from past experiences of having had pen pals from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Ireland. On the envelope she spelled my name as IRA, rather than Ira. Irish Republican Army?
Anyway, it makes practicing German a little easier. It was nice the times when I had the chance to talk to his mum, and it makes it even more interesting to be writing to her. Most of all, she's the person who thus far interacts most with me in German. I suck as hell in it and I do know that, but I really don't care anymore :)

Moving on, this is a book my mom gave me earlier this month. 'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts. It's a bestseller. I have no idea what it's about. I haven't read it but I plan to after reading The Black Man. And guess where my mom found it? Yes, she found it. At a dumpster at her workplace. Someone actually threw this novel away.
It sold for more than $20 at Borders (I saw it the other day), and ever since my mum gave it to me I've left it on my desk untouched. I wasn't planning on reading it initially after judging it's cover, but it wasn't fair to do that. So it's been inviting me to read and I think I will. Yup.

Everytime I go out I tend to carry a piece of paper that I fold up like this one. On it I scribble down my to-do-list, directions, addresses, thoughts. Half the time this is just so I remember to get things done and that I don't have to get myself lost for nothing.

Here's a parcel that arrived this week from Hong Kong. In it was a replacement battery for my laptop that I bought off eBay last month. I am so glad that my laptop works again without me having to use the adapter. This means that my laptop is good enough again, good enough to be sold, which is the reason I bought the battery in the first place. Though I'm not really sure about selling my laptop yet so I'm still thinking about it. The fact is it doesn't have the looks, it's old, beat up but it works good, so I'm not sure who's willing to buy it off me (or even take it for that matter if I give it away for free).

Does anyone like crossword puzzles? Funny how I never mention it but it's a game I enjoy (just because it involves words? Haha). It was one of the things that kept me 'entertained' before I had a computer. The puzzles in this book are so hard though and half the time I have to use a Thesaurus. The Thesaurus in this picture was given to me by my late father when I was 8 (1995). If stranded on an island, this is what I'll take with me, lol... and a bunch of pencils with eraser-ends.

Besides my glasses, another thing that broke was my hair claw thingy. Sure, no big deal, except that I bought this in Germany! Noo.. Argh! :'(

Okay, so this is what I wanted to share with you, really. It's not the first time I came across something so ridiculous at the grocery store. It's a product from China of which its packaging was literally being translated into English. It's like a metal wire brush with a plastic handle that can be used to wash tough stains off pots and pans.
The best part was how it was gracefully named Sweep The Ball. This hilarious find made me laugh so hard my knees buckled.
Read the picture of the instructions and you'll know what I mean.

I'm glad that there is no more running around to do.
For now.

I never thought I'd say this but tomorrow I'm watching Harry Potter: The Half-blood Prince. So Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) will be in the movie, but even Draco Malfoy makes the movie worth watching... together with anything else in it that's pure evil.
Beats Twilight anytime. But most importantly, I have to make it up to Manal for being angry at her earlier this month. So she's coming with me to the movies after school.

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  1. Yess i sooo agree Harry Potter beats Twilight anytime!!!