11 July 2009

Revolutionary Road movie review

I couldn't sleep and most of all I couldn't stop thinking about this movie even before I watched it. I decided to watch it today. It's not about wanting to see Leonardo and Kate reunited, but because after reading the novel written by Richard Yates of the same title I had to see if this was being put on screen just as well as it was written.

I only have one word for the novel: Sobering.
The movie magnified everything.

First of all I liked that fact that the movie was long enough and although certain parts that I remember from the book weren't there, they weren't put there for a good reason. It would've diverted the viewer too much. Certain thing that works in books don't necessarily work on screen.

Leonardo and Kate played the characters well. Particularly Leo, who played Frank Wheeler. His character got my attention because he portrays 'the weaker sex' in this film. Frank is indecisive, has a good career that he hates, but takes pride in what he does, knowing that he is providing for his family. April Wheeler, played by Kate, is a woman who tends to take control of everything. Young and married with two children, and another on the way, they thought they could live the life that they've always dreamed of - a life in Paris. Eventually their entire universe unfolds and they both realize that they aren't the centre of it.

This is a movie about falling apart. It is almost so painful to watch.
The lack of communication between two people who promised to be there for each other in good times or bad times, in sickness and in health, is immense. Yet the reality is unbelievably alive all around us. The egos that both Frank and April unleashed in front of each other were left unnoticed, so much that there can never be any more 'waking up'.

Cheating on each other, that is only one of the ways they temporarily run away from each other. That common 'temporary high' that Frank, as a man had explained as would most men: "It did not mean anything," and what April would explain as would most women... well, she didn't explain herself. She was only sure that it was because she doesn't love him anymore.

"What's the point of you telling me all this?"
"I want you to care, April..."
"Is it supposed to make me jealous?"
"You mean you don't care who the hell I fuck?"
"I don't... You can fuck anyone you like."

At least that was what I remembered it was like.
The Wheelers couldn't carry a simple conversation without ending up raising their voices at each other. Violence was inevitable. The conversations in this story are unique, even the arguments. We all know that drama is nothing new, but the drama here is just really sick. It's like looking at yourself knowing that this could happen to you the moment you take your thoughts too seriously and start to lose your mind.

It's movies like these that portray pain one cannot really measure. Furthermore, the kind of soberness I felt after watching this movie is ridiculous.

Watch this movie, by all means. Respect it, and don't just see it from a man's point of view or a woman's point of view. See it with human eyes. There is a lot to learn from.
Especially if you're married, thinking about getting married or if marriage is not involved then if you're just spending the rest of your life with somebody.

This is a story that shows you only the surface of what happens when it was never love in the first place.

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