08 July 2009

4 Years

Uploading pictures on Blogger works again... finally.
Yesterday was our 4th Anniversary, and I think I ought to mention some words about it. We celebrate this day in our home countries, unfortunately we cannot be in each other's presence at the moment. So yes, I do miss him a lot. No words can do it justice. But Michael sent me an e-card, an email, and an SMS, and it made me smile.
We also both agreed that we had no idea what to give each other so we don't have to.

Here's another secret that's not going to be a secret anymore in two seconds. There's a song that I wanted to play and sing for him on my guitar, but I couldn't record it without making a ton of mistakes. Haha. It was really so funny and pathetic. I almost wanted to smash both my camera and guitar, which didn't happen of course. But I only wanted to do it for fun. I still don't know if he won't make fun of me though ;P
LOL. Just thinking about it cracks me up.

I looked back at the letters Michael sent me, the pictures, the gifts. I listened to the songs he wrote and remembered the good times we had and the times when we had so much to overcome.
I still can't believe how time passes quickly and that we've been together for 4 years already. So much and so little happened, he said. And that's true. We spend more time away from each other than with each other, but every minute we had in each other's presence was a moment I have appreciated.
Travelling halfway around the world to see him felt like another train ride... only longer. Where other couples could drive, take the bus, or walk to see each other, we've had to rely on commercial flights. There's no place that far.

I haven't seen him for more than 3 months now..... and it sucks.
I spent 3 months with him and was just starting to get used to that... until I had to fly back again and having to get used to not-having-him-around.... again. :(
I hope that soon I no longer have to get a return flight ticket.
The distance isn't the problem, the leaving-on-a-jetplane part is.

We are moving on to something new. And we look forward to that.
But that's another story I'll save for later.

This day I got started with some paperwork, doodled some more in my sketchbook, read Nowhere in Africa, and dropped by at the grocery. I bought the biggest tub of yoghurt I could find and a bag of 'Super Rings' (some of you probably know about this but it's a kind of cheese snack which is just sooo good). God knows how much I was craving for those two.

And now I have to go crash myself into bed.
I shouldn't be awake at this hour.

Random picture of me from last week's swimming, being all weird under water.
Don't ask me what I was doing.
*bloop bloop* like fish.
Maybe I was just envious about my Koi and then wished that I was a mermaid for one hour.


  1. wow, 4 years already! Congratulations to the both of you, Ira and Michael!!! :)