14 June 2009

They Catch You

I finally finished the website for the cafe and have yet to present it to the manager to see if she likes it. I hope so. She might want to do a few touch-ups before I go ahead with the official launch which was planned for by the end of the month.
I am in a frustrated way pretty excited :)
And grateful I am for Photoshop CS4 and Notepad++. What would I do without the two. Now I can breathe and spend less time on the computer.

It's funny how many things came up in the past couple of days. Specifically plans. I asked my sister to show me a gym we could go to maybe once a week to work out, and that didn't happen. I wanted to see the Singapore Street Festival at *Scape Park as I read that SDAM (Singapore Dark Alternative Movement) had set up a booth there, and that didn't happen either. I guess I didn't know what to wear and it was so hot anyway.

What happened though, was how insurance agents are everywhere and they catch me and if you come to Singapore they will catch you too. They catch youuu!!
Once I was stopped on my way to the bus interchange. And this insurance guy told me how it was only going to take a minute. But I suppose to insurance agents, a minute means twenty. There he was blabbering about how important it is to have an insurance (I understand), and how attractive their interest rates are if I were to save with them (I understand that too), yada yada. But I'll know what to do when I can afford anymore insurance, but for now no thanks. Yet he kept shoving pros and cons in my face. And frankly, I've seen better selling skills than that.

He got me so confused that I couldn't even understand the questions he was asking me because it all had to do with numbers and useless terms I don't give a damn about. As a result my answers were nonsensical too and we end up confusing each other.
What was the whole point?

So there I was standing in front of him displaying very clear negative body language which he did not understand at all. I crossed my arms. I kept shifting my weight from one leg to the other. I studied his pupils, his sweaty complexion, his ridiculous cliché business suit, all but listened to what he was talking about. I had no idea how many times I took in deep breaths of frustration. Unfortunately I wasn't wearing a watch so I had nothing to keep looking at.
What I didn't get was why I let him waste my time, instead of just walking away. Insurance agents here just love to stand in your way to the point that you have to stop walking because if you don't then you end up running into them. Most people are unfortunately disgusted by that thought. But he could've been someone I get to shove hard out of my way.

It's ridiculous seeing such promoters on the streets. There was even an article in the papers a few weeks ago about people promoting credit cards at a food court! Of all the places. And they are everywhere. Probably at the entrance of public toilets, along residential corridors, cemeteries, carparks, tunnels, caves (if Singapore had one).

People may still easily be coaxed into spending their money on impulse because of such encounters with pushy sales people. One insurance agent that I encountered two days ago had a nice office-like seating area for me and explained to me very clearly what the above dunce failed to do, and it was almost interesting to know about the many things you can do with your money. I had no questions and when he asked what I thought, I told him honestly that I thought it was good. Almost immediately he asked me for my ID and told me that he will process my application, etc. I stopped short and realized, heyyyyy, what does he mean by 'process my application'? Yes I thought it was good, but I never said I was going to apply for the insurance! When I told him that he instantly broke eye contact with me. I shook my head at that. I said that he should've at least asked me clearly if I wanted to apply for the insurance and not just ask for my ID like that. I 'thanked' him for his time and moved on.
That's how sneaky they can be. Why is it so hard to be clear?


I don't recommend entertaining promoters on Singapore streets. They can say that their intention is to do a survey, or that they only need one minute of your time (which is always a big fat lie), but they end up trying to sell you something which you don't need, don't want, or just plainly can't afford.
If you were to let them waste your time, allow yourself to also learn a lot from them.


  1. ughh they are so damn irritating.
    when the bank people come to me and ask for a minute and i said sorry I'm rushing and every minute counts and just walk away.HAHA xD

  2. You're so right. One time I actually let one sell me something. Most stupid thing I ever did. Next time I'll just walk through them, haha!

    One time, one actually came up to me, and said: "hey you! do you have a hobby??" I went like: "yes." and then he said: "oh..." And that got me wondering... is there actually a person who would say "no, I don't have a hobby. And I don't have a life. So please sell me something" XD I laughed my ass off about that one.

  3. Exactly. Just have to walk away from these people. Here they won't let you go so easily, especially the aggressive ones. This should be a good reason to use pepper spray. :p