01 June 2009

Terminator Salvation: The End Begins - Review

A very original piece :)

I watched Terminator Salvation yesterday. I took my parents and my sister with me. And I have to say that my ears are still bleeding. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

The plot is somehow predictable, yet certain aspects of it aren't. For instance you can obviously tell whether or not mankind will prevail in this war, but at the same time you don't know where else Skynet may still be lurking. In this Terminator movie, what was called Judgement Day has happened and there are literally machines everywhere - in the water, on the road, in the air.

I've watched Terminator since the first installment and what I like about such movies is the enemy's desire to annihilate. No airy-fairy nonsense. They're just there to kill you and they don't even have to enjoy it because they don't waste time.

The story line was pretty well laid out. The machines advance quickly, are a whole lot harder to kill, and maybe it's just me but the terminator 'skeletons' are pretty good looking here. Skynet has created a 'prototype' Terminator named Marcus to infiltrate The Resistance (humans), the intention is of course to kill every human down to the last child. The only problem is that Marcus does not even know that he - or rather, it - is a machine.
It does not even know what its mission is and relies mostly on its human conscience. But being its only kind, it is then up to John - who was so taken aback by this new make - whether or not to give it his trust because it could be The Resistance's only hope to bring Skynet down.
In my opinion I felt sorry for Marcus because it was as if he/it has Skynet tugging on one arm and The Resistance on the other. There weren't that many interesting twists, however, but one thing happened to John that scared me good.

During a scene when 'You Could Be Mine' by Guns N' Roses were playing, it brought me straight back to Terminator 2 - my favourite installment of the movie so far. That was good :)

No kinky surgery scenes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't even have to be in this movie to make it good. It's not a film full of conversations that go on forever. It is purely action, fast-paced, and leaves you pretty much buried in your seat so don't even think about getting coke and popcorn. So if you're watching, enjoy the special effects, graphics, and sound system.

I still find Terminator 2 much better, though :)
They'll be back.

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