10 June 2009

Coffin Gift Boxes

Making something and seeing that it is good gives good motivation. I made coffin gift boxes today and put them up on eBay.

I also tried out Wolfram|Alpha - not as impressive as I thought it is but it's pretty promising - and it explains what coffin is:

  • Coffin: English word.
  • Coffin (noun): a box in which a corpse is buried or cremated
  • to coffin (verb): place in a coffin
  • Origin: Old French, Classical Latin, Greek'
  • First recorded use: 1330 (679 years ago)
    I find this particularly interesting and easy to remember because I was born at 1330 hours! Wee!
  • Pronunciation: k'awf,in
  • Synonym: Casket
  • Narrower terms: bier, sarcophagus
  • Broader terms: Coffin (noun) - box
  • Broader terms: to coffin (verb) - lay, place, post position, put, set


Coffin 1:
5.5 inches, base length
1.8 inches, widest part
1 inch, depth

It's narrow but deep, typical 'toe pincher' style, and the lid doesn't go all the way down at the sides.


Coffin 2:
5.5 inches, base length
2 inches, widest part
0.8 inches, depth

Wider than the first one, but not as deep. The lid hugs the base nicely but the coffin shape isn't profound. At a glance it almost just looks like a rectangular box to me.

Spooky gift boxes :D
They're so easy to make. They could also make really cute candy, chocolate, or jewelery boxes. A coffin without an occupant is incomplete.