07 June 2009

Block of Nothing

I really miss sitting down to write. Looking back at how many journals I've written in the past 10 years it scares me that up to this point I have no idea what I've done with the whole writing thing. I've compiled 'Rose in the Rain', a poetry collection. And I've collected a bunch of ideas, sketches and artworks but I'm still doing the whole 9-to-5-Monday-to-Friday thing. Up to this point I'm tired of trying to sit down to my hobbies. It had often come down to a block of nothing. Why do I keep seeing that I don't have a choice?
Is it because you see it that way? And everyone else too just because it's a worldwide thing that everybody just happens to not have a choice? Or is it just... Singapore?

Also, I bring news of my baby butterflies' death and my decision to not henna - or colour, for that matter - my hair. I've already accepted my beautiful dark locks. In fact I think it's the best colour for this skin I'm in :)
The only thing I've henna-ed are my nails. So I have blood red nails now as I had exactly a year ago. Pretty.

How often do you see me in colour? ;p

And yes, the baby butterflies didn't make it out of their eggs. So I bid them farewell for the second time. I apologize now that I have two fewer topics to write about and that is probably the better thing.

Moving on. I'm currently working on a website for a small cafe that had hired me to do so. And even though it's been awhile since my HTML days, I'm glad I still know what I'm doing. I started out hesitant but the more I get into it the more I forget that I need to take frequent breaks!
So it's something I'm having fun with at the moment.

I also said goodbye to my DVD Player and TV antenna so, shit, no more movies or F1 for now.
Things don't turn out quite the way I expect.
They just don't.

Useless. Useless. Useless. Useless.
It's so useless to expect.

Wow. In about two months I'm going to be 22!
Oh yay :)
No, wait. I might die before that.
I get it. No expectations.

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