29 May 2009

Butterflies, Henna, Children, & Negative Headlines

There's a couple of things I would be 'documenting' on these couple of months:
- Raising a butterfly
- Henna on dark/black hair
- Day care centre experience

Raising a butterfly:
I'm keeping a butterfly's egg that I found on a leaf of a lime tree at the day care centre. The first one that I found on my grandma's plant got eaten by ants so I lost that one. Butterfly eggs may take weeks or days to hatch depending on the season. The ones I have are at least a week old. Don't look like the caterpillars are coming out any time now but I'll just wait and see. They are so tiny, maybe 1mm in diameter or less. I'll let you know if the babies survive :)

Henna on dark/black hair:
I feel like turning my hair red. I already had it trimmed last night but I kept the waist length. I love it how it's getting longer. After trimming though my head feels like it lost half its weight. There's significantly less trapped heat thus less headache. And the fringe disaster I lay upon myself in Germany out of frustration is finally fixed. Yes. I tried to cut my own hair with a pair of paper scissors - I was not thinking. So now it feels good to be able to let my hair down again. I've been keeping it up a lot and also when I work I wouldn't want kids to be pulling my hair out when it's all over the place. And like I said, maybe I'm going to give it a deep, dark red. Like autumn by night. I considered using henna but I've never used it on my hair before. Should be interesting since I wouldn't know how it would turn out. But anything disaster-prone is interesting (haha).

Day care experience:
Writing about what I learn from kids through observing them without thought or judgment would probably make working in a day care centre a lot more peaceful. Children are strange beings but nevertheless beings. A lot of things came to my awareness from their behaviour to their teacher's behaviour. Everyday seems to be a daily routine. Everyday everyone gets sick of each other. It's sad.
Last Thursday I took pictures of the children during their activities and when I looked back at those still images I saw these children as they are despite their incredible defiance. A question that came to mind is why do we adults not give them the space to be? Why do we think we know what's best for them?

One example was when I saw a child grab a handful of fallen leaves and threw it up in the air laughing and happy, a teacher came along and raised her voice telling the child to STOP DOING THAT because it's dirty. Instead of letting the child explore and learn, the adult suppresses something as important as the curiosity of a child. As adults we can only give them the protection, guidance, and care the best that we can, but not to the point of suppression. Children may have come into this world through you but they are not 'yours'. Treat them no differently than you would yourself. They must be allowed to learn from mistakes just like everyone else. After all, it is 'awareness' that brings humanity to its senses.


Negative News Headlines:
Have you ever noticed what's wrong with the news? I wonder if anyone else realizes this.
The media is so good at getting on people's nerves. They don't give us news, they promote negative emotions. Just pay attention to news headlines and you'll notice stuff like:

'Mother kills her own baby.'
'Muslims burn churches.'
'Terror beyond belief'
'None of us will ever forget'
'How many dead?'
'Nation mourns'
'Evil acts'
And the all-time-favourite classic: 'Bad news.'

Why? Because it sells. Humans just like pain. Why? Don't know. It just makes them feel good to play the victim. And when we react to these 'plays' by feeling precisely negative, does it help change things to the better? It seems more like nothing happens. The facts are clearly there yet stories are what keeps people interested.

Right now the mind still screams out negative headlines to me but I'm sorry that I can't take them seriously anymore. It's just pointless. Fact remains and cannot be otherwise, a story from the mind is just a bunch of lies. Nevertheless, like all other beings, peace is giving them space to be without judgment or reaction.

Love thy enemy.
Which frankly means have no enemy.


End of my words for tonight.
Will be driving to Mustafa Centre at 04:00 to go get a pack or two of Henna powder. Please continue to enjoy looking at my breads in my previous post... hehe.
Bye for now.


  1. you really don't want henna in black hair.the colored henna has chemicals in it and it's very drying,it's better to use hair color!

  2. Thanks Aysh. My hair's kinda dark brown at the moment, but I figured I'd wanna just let it grow out. From the last time I had it coloured it's still so traumatic and all 'static' at the bottom.