15 April 2009

Walk on Water

The children were so vocal today. And I really mean vocal.
I can still hear them screaming in my ears.

One pushed my button further today. I had to pull him aside to talk to him to get him to stop making loud squeaking noises or laughing explosively distracting the others, or talking while I'm teaching. He told me he was sorry but with tears in his eyes. But wait, there's more, it was just an act. And how do I know? I saw it in those very same eyes. I was sure it was one of those 'I am innocent, can't you see?' things that adults easily get fooled by.

There have been fights among the kids, both physical and verbal, and it seems easy to interfere, break it up, and insist on them being polite to each other, but the exhaustion I felt after that was interestingly overwhelming. Yet it was still possible to stay cool. It's great seeing how they easily forgive, and even if they don't forget, they still end up playing with each other again. And that's another thing I learn from children - focusing on the present moment more than the past or future.

There have also been peace, laughter, and fun. And that's something I try to enjoy every second of because it damn well doesn't last very long, haha.

At the end of the day I read to them a book about insects - and this was an incident so funny I will always remember it - we came to a page where we saw the insect called the Water Strider. It's something that could walk or skip around on water and we mostly find them in ponds. But anyway, I talked to the kids about the insect and asking them if they know what's special about it:

"It can walk on water!" they said.
"Very good! Can you walk on water?" I asked.

Then a very loud eager voice called out, "Teacher! I know!"
"What is it, Roshan?"
"Jesus can walk on water."
"Uh. Good. Ok let's see what insect we will find on the next page..."

At that point I thought, wow, okay, totally out of our element. We're talking about insects here, not Jesus, and I didn't see that coming. I knew I wanted to quickly show them another interesting insect because I didn't want any "What is a Jesus?" question coming at me.
It's interesting what 5-year-olds know about these days.
But yeah, I didn't know whether to laugh, agree, or disagree. But I surely knew it was something I wouldn't disregard.

Well, it was then 5pm and what made the day worth the noise was when the children gave me so many hugs. When the last child left the class and ran to his Daddy who was picking him up from school, the day was over just like that.
Then when I closed the classroom door and turned the lights off, it became so silent. And the silence was far greater than the kind of silence I've known all my life.

The silence right now when everyone else at home is asleep is something that also keeps me up. I feel like I have to stay up just a little longer because silence (and stillness) is a beautiful experience.

I can't wait for Friday - Art session!

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