09 April 2009


I attempted to change the layout of my blog but the moment I applied it everything went crazy. It looked worse on Internet Explorer, which I know most of my visitors are using.

I landed a job in a pre-school about an hour's journey from my town, as a substitute teacher. Teaching pre-schoolers didn't ever occur to me to be so much fun. I had two days of crash course training and I officially start teaching the whole of next week. Their teacher will be away to attend to some family matters so I get to substitute (I'm a temp! Argh!). Well it's just as tiring as any 40-hour-a-week job, but all is good despite it not being that easy. The children are adorable by the way.
But adorable.

Haven't really had time to settle-down yet but I look forward to completing this 'assignment' before being able to get back to some silent reading and writing (finally).


  1. saying the word "temp" reminds me of the movie school of rock.hahaha

  2. Yeah. That would be "Ned Schneeblay..."
    as 'Mr. S' would say.