26 April 2009

The Jibbitz Discovery

When I discovered the Jibbitz I was instantly infatuated. :D
These tiny little buttons are accessories that come with the Crocs shoes and I discovered them so late... I'm always the last to know. But you could just somehow 'force' them into the holes in the shoes and have fun changing them everyday. You just have to click on the picture above and enjoy all the colours.

Look at my shoes, hehe. They are not Crocs but it's comfortable, and even with the Jibbitz on it feels like they're not even there. My shoes looks so weird!

They look so cute and I have more. Haha. I'm going to wear these to work tomorrow to show the children. There are animal Jibbitz, food, cars, flowers, trees, smilies, shapes, anything under the sun.

I was offered a job at a Day Care centre this time. I don't know how long they need me but it's what I would find out tomorrow. I look forward to it and to an extent I'm really curious about what it's like taking care of a bunch of 2-year-olds. If all goes well (or not) I'd still be able to write about it here.

I'm packing my bag and making sure that I have everything I need. I also wouldn't want to be packing tomorrow morning when it's time to catch the train. Yes. Unlike the previous place where I worked and could take the bus, this time it's at a different school so I'd have to take the train. Which sucks and you probably know why.

There's a delayed telecast of the F1 race in Bahrain at 2300 tonight but I don't know if it's worth watching. Probably not if it's gonna make me lose sleep and I end up being a zombie tomorrow. Why am I answering my own questions? Because I'm talking to myself.

I'm inspired by Jibbitz. Jibbitz are so cool.
Gotta catch 'em all.


  1. ><

    send me some bread to try

  2. I thought you don't like me to send you anything. LOL.

  3. food is different (candy is different, not that into candy usually, hahahah)

  4. You could've donated the candy to people who needed it more than you, haha. And damn it again you didn't tell me stuff like you didn't like candy.

    Ok. By the way, it's not a good idea to send bread in the mail. It might turn out all stiff and smell like cargo.

  5. love the new layout.looks fresh heh

  6. Thanks Aysh. Yup! I'm going all white pretty soon, lol

  7. Ira..wo..bread making...looks like you have done something interesting...good for you...hope to meet up soon but knowing the current situation of the SWINE FLU...its hard as i dun feel comfortable since im in the war zone...till then you take care ya..

  8. Hi Kammy,
    Yes, I understand, and it's okay. I'll be in SG for some time so we'll meet eventually :)
    At the childcare where I work they've also been doing a lot of health checks, so it's going to be busy for awhile.
    Hope to see you soon. Take care and stay in touch as always.