01 April 2009

Jet-lagged: Göttingen to Singapore, Day 89-90

I have safely arrived back in Singapore today at 1800 SGT and thankfully everything went well...
Everything also went very fast.

In Göttingen, over the weekend, I spent my final days there with Michael. We did a little tidying up at the apartment that I stayed in, taking what belonged to us and leaving all the rest. It was a sad day for me to start parting with something that had made me feel so much like home. I wish I could say that I didn't want to go. It was easy but difficult at the same time.

Last Sunday his family and I played Kegeln (Nine-Pin Bowling) at Hotel Freizeit In. We had a private room and two bowling alleys to play on. It's different from the typical US bowling and played mostly in Europe. The pins are placed in the shape of a diamond and they are string-attached. The ball is also smaller and hole-less but whether or not it's lighter compared to a typicall bowling ball, I don't really know. All I know is that striking all the pins down is no easy task and that after that day our bodies were all in ache and pain. It was fun despite that and we had quite a bit to laugh about. We also had ice-cream and some drinks. I am still recovering from the ache all over my body but I had fun that day.

On Monday I did some last-minute shopping. Not much, just to get some stuff I wanted for my sister. I was trying my best that day not to take too long. Michael accompanied me and I didn't want to spend 3 hours over something that could be done in 20 minutes, for instance.

Tuesday was the day of my flight back. I was excited yet slightly out-of-balance. Didn't know what to think, say, or do. That day we went to a playground nearby, and the cat came with us. She was so adorable and overly curious about the surroundings; always smelling things all the time and inspecting every other corner. That was a beautiful Spring day. The sun was out, it was very warm, the sound of bees hummed as though in the distance, and the air smelled of flowers. Youths were playing a game of football at the nearby court and there were children wading in the shallow pond and climbing tree branches that are low enough for them to reach.
We went on the swing and I enjoyed what it felt like. Swings were always my favourite Playground thing.
Then we went on what I know as a 'Flying Fox' - sliding across a wire while being seated from a seat hanging from it. Well, for a few minutes that day we could recall what it was like being kids again.

Finally we took a walk in the forest searching for different kinds of Spring flowers that's grown. Not so many were there, however, but I picked some for my album when or if I put one together some day. We still saw interesting things there, and we talked and enjoyed the weather. Back at his place I had to take a short nap due to some pain I was experiencing, and the last thing we did after that was go to the grocery. Supermarkets/Groceries/Department Stores, whatever you call it, they're like our little 'playgrounds' now. And it's always about looking for something new; something new to cook and create.
And I still remember what made me laugh so much that I couldn't keep stand or sit straight anymore.

"Are you ready to go home?" Michael asked me that day.
"Yes," I said.

At 1900 German-time, we left for the airport. We drove for more than 2 hours. Michael and his mum saw me off at the airport. Checking in was a suspense because my luggage was 22.7kg, 2.7kg over the allowed limit. I was expecting to get instructions on how I were to compensate for that, but the officer said nothing and next thing I knew I had my boarding pass.

I stuck around for about 20 more minutes. Michael gave me many words of comfort and in that moment of being in his arms I really didn't want to leave. It isn't just the distance that haunts me but *for how long* that distance remains a distance is what tends to be over-overwhelming. But I know that for now this is how it has to be, and it is after all time to catch up where I last left off with life back home.

So here I am again, writing from a very familiar place.
How everything feels so different. It's like having second culture shock, but I guess I'll get used to it once I get over the jet lag.
I am severely jet-lagged at the moment. Frankfurt to Singapore, 13 hours direct. I am so tired but I just can't bring myself to sleep. I tried for 2 hours, eventually I realized that writing my thoughts out might help a little. I'm still stuck at German-time which is 6 hours behind. *Sighs*

At least we got some very important things done during my stay in Göttingen. I had a good time despite some very tough breaking-down situations once or twice. Still my mind is as active as hell and I need it to shut down just a little so I could get some rest. There's no longer the dead silence nor the cold to help me curl up and long for sleep. There is, however, a smile on my face.

I look forward to spending well the time that I will have to myself for the rest of the year. Speaking of which... it is time to try to sleep again.