13 April 2009

Doing it for the Kids

I've been falling asleep and I still am doing it. Sleep hasn't been enough lately because of the sudden change in routines. I can't wait for this week to be over.

So Monday started out a little stressful. But I tried to stay positive the best I can when I got to work. There was a lot to prepare for, and a lot to be in control of.

The children were great, and I was touched by how quick they learn and how smart they are. Even though some of them really get onto your nerves. But overall I think I am having a lot of fun. I like being around the kids, haha.

Yesterday we had outdoor activities, eye-checks, and a good time solving puzzles.
Today we're going to sing, dance, learn new songs, and go crazy ;)

I'm going to need all the energy for that.

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