25 April 2009


My attempt at making bread today. Actually I started the night before. Okay, and why I wanted to make bread was/is because I want my mum to stop buying bread everyday. It's just unnecessary. So...

Mixture in the oven at 170°C. Consistency turned out rather unsatisfactory but I went ahead with the baking anyway just to see what happens:

After 1 hour ir looked like bread. Just a little strange. Also appeared denser than rock. Here I let it cool on the rack entirely before cutting:

Fortunately it was possible to slice. I put some butter on it to taste. Final verdict: Too dense, and the crust was too hard:

Possible reasons it turned out hard:
- Self-rising flour. It doesn't rise despite the whole 'self-rising' thing going on.

So I tried again... 170°C for 30 minutes. And voila! I made bread! Even the colour turned out great.

Left to cool on the rack for an hour and slicing was so easy. Even eating it on its own tastes so much better than commercial bread. :)

Reasons it worked:
- Plain flour
- Yeast

Bread always needs yeast!

How to Make Simple Bread:


  1. Eira that is sooo coooool!!!!! and the bread looks really yummy hahaha (i am currently food deprived all i eat are cup noodles yucks!)

  2. Thanks! They actually do taste better than Supermarket bread.
    Oh no, you need to eat for the sake of whatever you are doing that's depriving you of food. ;P

  3. wow awesome i should try baking bread too. haha.

    yes i know! i was in hostel for 2 weeks just studying for exams and was too lazy to cook and stuff so yeah.. cup noodles all the way! but exams are over now thank God so i can go back home and eat proper food again! yay! haha

  4. Cup noodles is like the staple survival food, haha. Now that exams are over make sure you reward yourself (sparingly :P) for all the hard work.