30 March 2009

Sexual Scenes in Movies - limited to no eyecandy for women?

Warning: This post contains (I don't know to what extent) mature content. Not for children, and I don't only mean agewise.

Is it just me or does anyone out there also think that when there's eroticism and sex involved in movies you always see the stark naked woman but never the stark naked man? The only time I've seen a guy in nothing but his skin was in the movie Eastern Promises. But I feel that didn't count because it was supposed to be a 'realistic' fighting scene taking place in a sauna, not a sexual one.

I'm starting to think that this 'issue' is either for the purpose of:
1) Sexually arousing mainly men, AND
2) Amusing mainly men

Women as far as I know could also be aroused by such scenes. But it seems to always be the same; a naked woman in full view and a man who's only at most half-nude. In other words, only left to the imagination. I don't know about other women but I think that it's just one of the things that pisses me off... a bit.

See, how many times have you seen breasts and vulvas as compared to penises - IN movies? Even that's a pretty stupid question. Whenever I see these scenes in movies I just watch from another point of view, one that anticipates reason and connection to the whole point of the scene, but almost always I'd think wow... what kind of a fuck is that supposed to be? I only see the woman in full view, okay, hm, and what about the man? Uh, just some bits of his hair and his moans and that's it. Okay, and maybe his sex face. But that's it. That is it. And just what the hell IS that? At least make it even. A fair share of both genders. But no, women get to be the point of amusement, pleasure, and afterwards humiliation *just like that*.

Why are women so deprived of this? How does one be happy and free as a woman despite having things like being put down, ordered around, spoken to like an idiot, manipulated, and used as a tool for pleasure? Is there a woman out there that can slap me out of this? I've seen too many breasts unintentionally and I want to just curl up and die. I mean, really, one minute I'm enjoying a movie and then the next minute BOOM!: boobies. And once or twice is okay, but then they keep showing up again and again and again and I'm like..... whattheffffff..... Okay already we fucking get it, now where's the guy's erection? Oh, wait, that's 'censored'. Yeah. Great.

Just great.
A woman can't be amused or aroused by the movies men. We are only doomed and limited to hopelessly only see their faces and to stay 'interested' in other things like vanity and all other female-related things that men (though not all) so generously despise and make fun of. But hey, they also make tons of money out of it.

Sexual scenes by which mostly only the female form is entirely revealed says many things about women; there are negative and positive points of view but if men and women were created equal then I don't see how that stands as a fact. Or is it only a matter of perception?

From my observation thus far, I acknowledge that it's easy being a woman because of this whole idea about being second to men, protected, needed, appreciated, or in this case drooled the hell over, and maybe also because of the natural insticts that we know certain things without having to learn them (like being attractive, and taking care of a child; regardless who's).

However I too acknowledge that it's not easy being a woman because of how we have to take care of everything and still be the one taken advantage of. From being 21 to being 61, there's no way we can complain without seeing things fall apart and then being put down immediately after. And there's no way we can make things right when the times we try to do something, or help with, it would be a mistake and then it's our fault again. And when we've given it our all, there's always something that isn't right enough or good enough. And all for being a woman.

How men treat women, in general has so much room for improvement. But even the entire age of this Universe does not give it enough time. The tables will not turn, not even halfway.

So... breasts anyone? They are amusing aren't they? But seriously, Gentlemen, we need a little more contribution and perhaps cooperation on your part - in movies. Why settle for half-naked when a woman wouldn't?

I am, however, referring to commercial movies by which to an extent is still considered 'innocent', and not talking about pornographic videos that NEEDS NO EXPLANATION due to the fact that it seems to only only only exists to pleasure men and gay men, hence in general men. In worse cases it puts pressure on their female fuckees to do what they have seen, and gets in between relationships. That one's a hopeless case. Wouldn't even count on it for some sense.

Back to theatrical sexual scenes, perhaps there's something I'm missing here. A good movie is one thing, but good eye candy shouldn't be so limited for women. Just my thought for tonight.

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