12 March 2009

Göttingen, Day 70

I'm blogging today not knowing where to start. Last weekend lasted a day longer. Michael had Monday off.
On Saturday I cooked and made Sweet Sauce Tofu. We watched The Big Lebowski and it was just hilarious. Ugh. If you've seen it you'd know what I mean.
On Sunday was the 8th and it was then 44 months since we've been together. We stayed up way past midnight because we talked quite a bit.
Monday was when we went to MediaMarkt and Toys'R'Us. Michael wanted to look for a game and some new movies to watch and I bugged him with Barbie dolls and babydolls at Toys'R'Us. Hehe. I had to. He was like, 'Okay let's get out of here,' but I was all, 'Aww lookie! Here's Ken and ooh I wonder if this babydoll could blink... aw no it can't. Too bad.' And I was just poking around. Then I wanted to buy a shiny purple female dragon for Michael's brother. That would've been interesting.

This week I'm back to studying. Always it gets a day closer to the test. But I'm cool with that. Yesterday was when I managed to speak some German, I could understand and be understood. Corrected once also. And I borrowed my first book from the library. Haha.

I'll write again.


  1. So you poked Michael with Barbies just to annoy the crap out of him? What's wrong with you!??!?!

  2. I so did not poke anyone in the face with Barbies. And why, a girl has to have her fun too sometimes right? :P