17 March 2009

Goethe Institute - Göttingen, Day 75

This was the exam day today...

0630 hrs: Struggled to wake up

0645 hrs: Showered

0700 hrs: Had toast and cereal for breakfast

0745 hrs: Left the apartment

0750 hrs: Missed the bus (and had to be at the Goethe Institut at 9am, moreover a second bus connection is needed to get there)

0810 hrs: Caught the next bus

0820 hrs: Arrived at the stop where we (Michael and I) were to catch the second bus connection, but the bus left already 5 minutes ago. So we decided to walk.

0835 hrs: We dropped by a grocery store and Michael requested someone there to order us a cab.

0845 hrs: The cab that didn't look like a cab arrived.

0853 hrs: Arrived at the holy Goethe Institute.

0900 hrs: Test began. My seat was arranged to be directly in front of the radio that was bursting my eardrums for 20 minutes during the Listening Test. This was followed by Reading and Writing.

1010 hrs: First part of the exam is over and I was told to come back again at 1300 for the Oral test. We had almost 3 hours to burn and decided we should just have lunch and try Indian cuisine this time.

1015 - 11:30 hrs: Walking around waiting for the restaurant to open at 1130.

1150 hrs: We were by then digging into Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Hünchen (chicken), Fanta and Mango Lassy. It was a familiar taste to me, yet it seemed different. But very good nontheless and I'm glad I had a 1.5 litre bottle of water with me for Michael.

1230 hrs: Made our way back to the Goethe Institute for the Oral Test.

1300 hrs: Oral test began. Had to introduce myself to other candidates, build questions from keywords and form requests from pictures. It was like playing a game. Fun... I guess. Haha.

1325 hrs: Test was over. Waited for results (or rather thought that I should).

1445 hrs: I was called into the room and the big question the tester asked me was, 'Why did you wait when we already told you that you scored 98%? That's almost perfect.'
And I asked myself, 'Yeah. Hm. Right. You told me already after the Oral Test but you also asked me if I would like to wait so I thought, okay, I'll just wait.'

1515 hrs: Home sweet home...

...well, almost :)

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  1. You waited for no good reason, haha. And mmmmm Fanta