26 March 2009

Agony of the Effort - Göttingen, Day 85

Note to self: Today we went swimming. We went on the slides, the outdoor pool, and a jacuzzi. I eventually learned how the lockers and showers worked; something I was entirely clueless about when I was there the first time in 2007.

I cooked when we got back and it turned out Horrible. Honest. Stupid Ramen noodles spoiled the entire sauce that I so patiently made to the point I sliced open my finger that seethed for hours. Just had to happen. At least the knife was so sharp I never felt a thing. Remind me to just stick to Sushi next time.

Back in solitude I spent five hours from the late afternoon through to the evening finishing a drawing I started on Tuesday. It will be a gift from me to someone who's been a big fan of World of Warcraft for years. So big a fan that it's what keeps him going - from a good point of view - in a rather positive way. Inseparable, not unless by the sheer strength of his own will-power.
I think that's just creepyyyy...
Anyway, the drawing's complete, signed, framed, and ready to be presented personally to him tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps I'll put a picture of it here soon. It's not always that I draw, let alone draw an action figure, IN colour, and it's even the first entirely-useless-to-a-woman-like-myself RPG-game character I have ever really 'immortalized' on paper.
Oh the relief despite the agonizing effort!

Two days ago it snowed and hailed again. And when I told my mum about the fact that it snowed here in Göttingen in early Spring 2009, she said: 'That has to be the last 'kopek'.'
Haha. I'm sorry I can't really explain what 'kopek' means here in this context but it was just hilarious. I was dead sure it wasn't going to snow again before I fly back to Singapore, but I was also told not to be too sure due to the fact that weather always remain unforseen. But that's how it works: desire wholeheartedly, give up eventually, don't give a shit anymore, and then watch it willingly come around. Then appreciate sincerely because it's a blessing.

Now that I have kinda lost sensation on my legs for sitting way too long, I realize I need to walk to the kitchen to get something to eat. Why can't my chair just morph into a motor wheelchair... hehe. Or at least a Segway would be nice.

It would soon be time for me to start packing my bags. Perhaps I'll do a little more last minute shopping, make friends with another German pigeon, or perhaps ambush the children's playground nearby and just pretend to be 7 again. There are no dead things around that I could take pictures of though, Tom. Dead Spring flowers maybe, they are all lying on the ground because temperatures went down to below zero. Anyway, I should do anything but cook (argh! what the hell...).

Also, I found a couple of really good songs to add to my MP3 playlist. And I've thought of ways to keep learning German, it (and music) would probably be the only thing keeping me sane back home... besides the unforgivable household chores. Why don't men at least Learn to do housework? I mean, not doing housework itself, just learning the what's, when's, and how's.

The funny thing is they just don't put things away because if they do that then they will never be able to find anything. But then how many things do they really have to always look for anyway? And how can you lose memory of where you place something when if you prepare a place for it you'd then always know where to find it without having to go through piles of laundry, tissues, candy wraps and papers?
Or they don't clean right away after making a mess becuase if they do then they become so grumpy; the tap doesn't work, the cupboard door falls off, the soap bottle refuses to dispense soap, the knife falls on their toe, the fridge doors won't open, the fridge doors won't close, the microwave explodes, the dishwasher breaks down, etc. Then they feel like the world is just a mad mess and wonder why nobody makes it all so much more less complicated.
But I suppose someone already did and it almost always turns out to be... wait for it... a woman!

All I know is that when something requires patience (and I don't mean repairing stuff, building or breaking down things, or trying to get laid), a man just implodes. If it doesn't feed the ego it's not worth the effort.
Long story short, I'm a severely over-womaned woman, and further womaned by men, and am always in the process of trying to dewomanize to the point that sometimes I also deserve to say, 'I'm lazy goddamit'.

I am now to cease rambling. Time for supper :)
One thing I love my boyfriend for is for being a better cook than me.

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