14 February 2009

Photos - Day 44

Foggy morning

Göttingen - some random shots:

On Valentine's: Here we are trying to make a snowball

And the result:

Strange snowman.. hehe.

The Friday 13th.
Pictures of Jack. Kammy if you're reading this, I appreciate it that you made him for me :)... haha

And of course I shall not forget the good food:


  1. hi Ira,

    glad to know that you are going great there esp with your updates there. Im glad that Jack has been a great help to you..Well you deserved him as you are the inspiration that I actually start to do JACK as my next project and he turn out great though theres a lot of room for improvement. All the best for your language exam...
    save some snow for me ya...hehehe...miss ya

  2. Thanks Kammy.
    Will do my best to save some snow for you, hehe. :)

  3. Hi Ira,

    what is your e-mail? So I can add you to my "friends" who can read my blog :) I made it private :)

  4. Hey Desi,
    I already forward it to your Gmail.