02 February 2009

Germany - Day 32

I miss my blog.
And I only have 5 minutes to update this. What am I going to write now? Ah. I went to the cinema last Saturday and watched Operation Walküre (Valkyrie), and for a moment there I thought I would be totally lost in translation since everthing was auf Deutsch. But I survived and didn't waste a ticket for nothing.
After leaving the cinema, it was snowing a little, outside. And that made my day (secretly).

I am going through my week with a little pain and a little smile on my face. Wishing that I don't have to stop going to my classes.

Here are some pictures (that I manage to upload in 5 minutes) since the last time I updated. I sucketh.

Photo: Veins of the sky.

Photo: My way to school on a foggy morning.

Photo: Calling home.

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