24 January 2009

Clean the Stairs - Day 23

This comes late but Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrates. Especially to the Chinese friends I made when I was younger: Sumei, Emmie, Jerilyn, Emily, Jason - they probably don't remember me now, it's been too long. And of course my ex Science Centre colleagues: Nancy, Alice, Su Jin, and I wonder who else I might have forgotten. Gong xi Fa Cai :)

Saturday it is... and I had RedPepperChilliGarlicful of Lentils, Rendang Lasagne and got my hands on a Sega mega drive console again whatever-it's-called. Michael dug it out of his storeroom. And it's been eons since I last played with my Sega. The funny thing was that he had some of the games I had too, but for me that was back in 1994-95. Brought back crazy childhood memories, and it's good to remember how I used to enjoy video games.

I don't like games now... not in a crazy way. Generally if anything involves speed or hand-eye-coordination then I will fail gracefully. I'm just not logical most of the time so I will only frustrate myself and end up hammering the console into pieces. There was a point somewhere in the past where I firmly stood by the fact that games give me nothing in return - reality-wise. Haha.
It's just empty fun, laughter, satisfaction, and disappointment. That's just too exhausting for me.

For this couple of weeks being here though I just had to give it another chance. I'm a wuss but not that much of, heck, what the hell am I blabbering about. Yeah. I spend time killing myself in old school video games.

Hm... oh and I have to clean the main staircase of which I share with my neighbours at my apartment. At first I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, and then I realized: oh, this is Germany, this is supposed to be normal. So there was one day last week where I got a note stuck on my door from one of the neighbours, pathetically enough I couldn't read a thing from such a terrorizing handwriting so I had to seek help from Michael. Turns out that they said I could ask for help if I need to - about cleaning the staircase. Hm. Okay. So I thought it was already some kind of death threat or whatever.
So yeah, this is one of the things I had to do here. And I'll get to do this 2 more times in the next 2 months. Cool...
I guess...

In Singapore the Banglas clean our staircases for us. Here we have to do it ourselves. I think I must be grateful to the Banglas when I get home. Shake their hands and thank them everyday.


I have to go now. Been keeping someone waiting a little too long. Now that my eyes have kaput-ed because of video games, I also need to rest. Sunday tomorrow, what surprise will the coming week bring?

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