13 January 2009

Anywhere But Home

I have left you in the dark for some time. This is probably one of the things that 15 hours of night can do to a person. I couldn't help feeling like I need to sleep all the time, but I'm fighting it. I'm now writing from Göttingen, Germany, where it's colder than my freezer at home. The weather has been a much needed change for me. My fingers and toes have - at some point or the other - attempted to fall off.

My 13-hour flight was as uncomfortable as a longhaul flight should be. I tried vegetarian food on the plane and I have to say how disgusting it was. If I had known how bad vegetarian plane food is I would've taken over the catering industry. Even after using up all the salt and pepper I had, there was no way I could finish it.

Other than that I tried to enjoy the flight while it lasted. Arriving in Frankfurt was a relief. Waited so long for the baggage to show up on the conveyor belt and when I finally managed to hoist it up and out I made my way to the exit. When I spotted Michael in the crowd it was another huge relief. I made it.

We made it. We saw each other again after almost one and a half years.

We took the train to Göttingen - a 2-hour journey from Frankfurt airport. And it was snowing when we arrived. I tried very hard to pull myself together and not go crazy because I knew I could never be sure if I had the right clothes on, the right shoes, the right mind, whatever. But the biggest thing then was how beautiful it was. Cold, wet, and slippery. Yes. But there isn't 365 days of it in a year. I kept the appreciation to myself however. After all I'm the only one I know here who's experiencing Winter for the first time.

So... coldest for me so far: -11oC
(Tom, I didn't DIE. Yet anyway. Hah.)

Almost two weeks here now and I've been attending classes, taking the bus on my own, doing groceries, and taking a walk. Being in another country feels as if I haven't done any of those before. Being in a situation where I am still lost in translation is interesting yet nervewrecking at the same time. But I am hanging in there somehow, trying to catch up with the language as much as I can. My German is worse than shit right now. Also, just within my first week here I already experienced being teased on the street for being 'Asian'. Or more so mistaken for being Chinese by which I am clearly not. Aren't my eyes too big enough already? Anyway, I also fell as I was about to walk into a store, thanks to the ice underneath my shoes. It was inevitable. Such are things entirely eye-opening. And I look forward to what else is there to come.

Last night I felt that 3 months in Germany will pass like 3 days... just because routines are coming back into play. The only thing that's hard to believe is that my boyfriend's living just 5 minutes away. I mean, people take buses and cars, or walk to see their significant other, but my public transport is the plane! And now being here... I could just go and see him. Just a few meters away and not 10,300km.

The sun has set and outside it's always so quiet. Silence is a profound element here in this sleepy town and I appreciate it.
15 hours of night and a very cold atmosphere, and the heaviest hesistation to shower ever in my entire life because the damn water heater doesn't work all the time. Lovely. Time now to recuperate, I shall write again another time.


  1. Special order food is never smart, better bring your own, hahaha.
    Well, other than the kiddie meal. I miss those.
    Not frozen yet eh? You're better than me then.

  2. nice to hear from you at last! =)
    post up more pictures