20 December 2008


Last week I watched Twilight... and I was like... 0_o??
If I had to rate it, it's like 1/5.
Fail, fail, fail.

Boy meets girl, girl likes boy - who just happened to be a vampire, boy likes girl, girl gets in trouble, boy saves girl - almost all the time. Girl - who appeared in the beginning as smart and mature is just utterly helpless.

Furthermore, Stephanie Meyer's vampires have no fangs, they glitter in the sun like... well... tinfoil (when I expected them to look more demonic, or at least desfuckingtroyed, but no), and and and... there's such a thing as Vegetarian Vampires!
Just... wh--... nevermind.

This is a movie suitable for screaming 13-year-olds going through puberty, but for the more mature audience... it's just not good enough.

Why oh why....
Nosferatu, Lestat, Dracula must've turned in their graves... no, wait, coffins.


  1. HAH i agree!LOL I prefer my vampires with fangs!and no other vampire movie can take over Lestat and Nosferatu!!

  2. No vampire thus far has even come close to Louis - whose heart hesitated to kill for blood - let alone Lestat.

    Call it living-on-animal-blood.
    But for goodness sake don't call it Vegetarian!
    And of course, fangs are pretty much helpful to specifically reach the jugular. Can't do that with human teeth can they? Ew. That'd be messy.

    A drop would be far too much to waste.