30 December 2008

Packing My Bags

I'm in a relationship with Mr. Cough and it's our 2 month anniversary, or so. It's also been a love-hate issue with Mr. Chalazion. Neither of them wants to let me go but I think it's time I realize that it's not possible to live with the two. They gave me fever, pain in the chest and throat, pain in the eye, and they force me to stay awake every night. It's not fair. I'm human. I need sleep. :'(

This isn't what love is...

The more I resisted them, the more they wanted me. In the beginning the best thing to do was to surrender. But then I realize what the heck, I'm taking my heart and I'm running away. If only these idiots would leave me alone.

I AM making sense!
Why? Because my melted brain is dissolving into the very air we breathe. In beautiful colourful microscopic particles. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle. Yes I'm sick. Yes I look like I just got hit by a truck. Yes my right eye is entirely (okay maybe not entirely) devoured by Mr. Chalazion. Thanks for the bloody mornings, icky moments and severe loss of eyelash - you fiend!

And yes I too enjoy my sudden unexpected series of unfortunate gagging, whooping, nauseating, dry coughs. Thank you Mr. Cough. I am sure that when my lungs resemble pulp then you will be happy to leave me for someone else. Unfortunately I will kill you first before you kill someone else.

However being a little sick isn't going to stop me from traveling. I may as well enjoy being sick. So what had Eira been up to in the past 2 weeks? Wow. Nothing, technically. Just packing my bags, making a list, checking it twice.

It has been an issue for me to make this heard but since it's not going to make a difference whether I do or don't share this with you, I'm going to share it anyway.
On New Year's Day I'm leaving for Germany to study for 3 months... and maybe do a little sight-seeing. It'll be my first time being away that long, but I'm taking that initiative to gather those beautiful, colourful, microscopic particles of my brain that has probably ended up there... alone and frozen... oh poor things. In other words I'm going to get my sanity back. I will be back by the time I miss being driven nuts and cookies by everything and everyone here. Provided I don't die a sweet cold death.

I'll also be visiting Michael, and I'll get to be there on his birthday. I'm excited... You know what I'm thinking? Sabotage. Muahaha.
Okay maybe no. I'm a good girl. I won't deliberately harm Michael :p

What I'm kinda nervous about is learning German. What freaking alien language has befallen me argh!? Anyway, it's a generously complicated language and I'm complicated so... that has to be like the perfect match. Or not. But we will see. I only know that I tend to be very infatuated with complicated things except for Maths because that's not complicated, that's illogical in my world. Anyway I've learned Arabic, Japanese, even fictional Elvish (Sindarin) and taken them seriously to some point, but somehow I just never used them. So they went whoosh out the window. How will German fare? We shall see in 3 months' time.

I am prepared to get lost in translation. Or lost literally for that matter. It'll be interesting. The anticipation is killing me. I'm probably crazy enough to do this, but hey, this should be my routine. Work, travel, work again, travel again. Repeat until it kills me at some point.

I will keep you updated, provided I can get Internet access. I'm not done packing, and I've been clueless about what to wear in Winter. I'm an equatorial-slash-tropical nymph and the only warm clothes I have protect me against the sun. Get it? Warm clothes?

I have yet to pay my phone bills, get some Euros, jam-pack my mp3 with a lot of songs, and remember to bring a good book and my new-found friend Jack. He was a gift from Kammy (thank you so much!). And yeah, he can't wait to get into the suitcase already. I know my packing skill is zero, and you must be wondering what tiny freak-of-nature tote bag this is, but I'm just going to keep things to the minimum.

I haven't written a review about the passing year. I'm not particularly fond of reviews. And I see my life as days rather than bundling them up into years. So it's interestingly strange to be 7810 days old today rather than '21 years old'. Taking life a day at a time seem less taunting than thinking about the years. After all it's just another day.

I'd like to leave behind what has passed. They hold less value to me than the now.
And now I'm hungry so I'm going to eat. That is my purpose. For now :)
Thanks for your purpose of reading me. I hope it has been pleasurable thus far. I look forward to writing about my days in Germany.


  1. have a safe trip...sure gonna miss ya for these few mths...take care..