10 December 2008

Lady Eira to Diva Hakim

I'd like to officially wish my diva cousin Hakim:
Selamat Hari Jadi!
Eid milad sayeed!
Alles gute zum Geburtstag!
Happy 15th Birthday :)

(Thanks for the photos, TashyaLove)

Gosh, you've grown so much. I still remember cradling you in my arms while you were still so tiny! Now you are almost as tall as I am, have muscles and your feet are bigger than mine :-o. You know what? Keep growing while you still can. And don't let your brother intimidate you. I mean, seriously, walking around with his seluar koyak like that, gawat, you know (Ok, Halim will kill me now).

Anyway, when you were little you liked being around people and you smiled so much. And you still smile a lot today. I notice you also take good care of your younger siblings, your mum must be so proud of you.

I enjoy my conversations with you even if they aren't long, going on trips with you makes it a more fun experience, and everytime we meet up it's nice to see a friendly person willing to talk to me. Wish I had a younger brother like you. And your sense of humour should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Many many hugs and kisses. All the best for the year ahead. Good luck with school, good luck with your canoeing, and I am so sorry I don't have a present for you. Can't find anything that will do you justice :p

I know you have received my e-card, but I would also like to share it with others :)


And yes, as always, you know me: Whacked.

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