24 November 2008

Ira's Clogs

"When I am sad I look up to the sky and imagine faces smiling back at me," my little sister said.

I told her that when I am sad there was always nowhere else to look but down. But now when I look down I have a reason to smile - seeing my clogs looking back at me :))
During these journeys home I needed something to get my mind off the crowd. Funny how such a thing is even capable of cheering one up.

Yesterday's massage and body scrub was good, although slightly awkward. Perhaps I'm not used to being handled that way. Eek. But after that it felt like I had a new skin on. Super smooth.

After that it was time for lunch. I had Chicken Biryani, a popular Indian rice dish. If you haven't tried, I recommend it. To prepare this dish, however, takes more than just skill.
On my way home it was raining heavily. My umbrella was torn by the wind, and I nearly got drenched by passing traffic. I ran up a hill with a torn umbrella just to catch the bus. It was all good (and my clogs survived).

Time to recuperate.

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