19 October 2008

Late is the hour

There's a couple of things I'm happy about lately. One of them is knowing that things change. They come and go. It's not always good, neither is it always that bad. I still make a fool of myself when I hardly realize (until I get snapped out of it by sheer ridicule of others). But that's one of the things to accept about being human and a little disturbed sometimes.

I did all the things I planned to do in the past two days... except for buying that 500-page notebook I meant to on Saturday. I visited the websites which I used to frequent at some point in the past: www.suicidekitten.com and www.reborn-baby.com. Strange little things.

I also found out that David Pepke is still alive after a two-and-a-half (?) year hiatus. D. is a Danish musician I used to listen to 5 years ago when he was still in a band. His style is more acoustic and folk, and definitely personal. He also mentions in his blog that he didn't know a sober party without alcohol was possible.

Anyway, on eBay I made my first sale today. It was not my first online transaction, however, I've been at it on Yahoo! Auctions (SG) for a year at least. But since they had glitches after glitches and eventually discontinued (damn you Yahoo) I had to pack up and move. I not only was an alien to eBay, I had no idea how everything's supposed to work there so I had to do my homework. Furthermore I was determined to get rid of items that I no longer need. It may as well be someone else's treasure. It's fun putting up items online, making it easy for buyers to send payments, and calculating postages. I've had many lessons to learn from... like times when I undercharged for postage, for instance it costs $5 to send a CD to Hong Kong, not $2.

I also talked to my boyfriend this weekend, which was good.
Thanks for your time, Sweetie.

Now I'm going to bed. Many plans to put take into consideration.
I'm going to try to make things work for me this time even if it wants to fail me. There won't be room for excuses (or 'feelings' on my part).

There's only one thing now I wish I didn't have to do: wake up. But then again I can't even sleep.



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