11 May 2008


Last night was another sleepless night. Sharing a bed with my sister we talked about what could've been and will be. At the same time we were watching Moonlight on my laptop, and we were talking again. When she fell asleep I was still twisting and turning. I lost count of how many times I yawned. I was so sleepy but sleep was the last thing on my mind.

That was 04:30.

So I sat up in bed realizing that I was sweating regardless of the fan. But it was blowing warm air anyway. I hate it that it's like this almost every night.
I got up, went downstairs to the living room and sat at the balcony. It was cooler there, I was looking at the sky and wished that I was out in space dead and frozen instead. When I looked at the stars (or so I thought they were there) I saw just one. Clouds shrouded the night and it looked like the sky was turning red. A sign that it was going to rain. Which it did eventually.

I captured some pictures of the lightning show that made the night brighter than the day.

Looking out from the balcony, it was funny when a lighting struck and the light blasted straight at me. You know the sensation of temporary blindness... it's kinda like that. And then I was like... whoa.

Anyway, this evening my family and I went out for dinner. Mother's day was the occasion. The food was okay. I've had the same spicy Thai dish for 3 days in a row now, I think I could live without it for quite some time.
Before that, when we just arrived, I got out of the car and had to fix my shoe for a second. Unfortunately I didn't notice that my hand was in the way of the backseat door where my sister was getting out from. So when she slammed the door... well... my whole thumb got pinned. The pain was crazy, trust me, my knees buckled because of it. So now I have a sore, bruised and swollen thumb. Can't use my left hand for carrying or picking up stuff, but at least I can still type.
My sister was freaking out but I said it's ok coz she didn't notice that my hand was there.

Oh and I'm gonna go for a job interview tomorrow as a 'floater'. It sounds just like me... aimless, wandering, freely suspending, uncommitted, lost. I wonder where I will be floating to this time. Wish me luck.

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  1. What a coincidence. I took my mum out for Mother's Day yesterday, and we had Thai food too.

    Good luck with your job interview, and take care of your thumb.