03 May 2008

Auto Imbeciles

Update on July 14, 2008 (02:08):

A few weeks after this incident, and on my next drive up to Johore, I realized that there were no cars cutting the queue. And to my satisfaction police officers were stationed along the overpass to make sure no idiots are smart enough to be the fool of their own bad habits. The sign in the distance stated that queue-cutters will be dealt with a fine ($160 WITH 4 demerit points, take that). Very typical of Singapore, yes. But such things bring order into the country, (un)fortunately.
But hey, I'm fine with that.

Link: A Straits Times article relating to the matter

Let me share an experience lately of what it was like when I was driving into Malaysia via the causeway one Saturday morning. The highway leading to the checkpoint was free-flowing until I got to the overpass just before the customs.

There were only two lanes on the overpass: motorcycles on the left and cars on the right. That doesn't sound so hard to understand, right?

It was a Saturday and obviously it's a peak period so there were many cars waiting to go through the checkpoint. Everyone was bumper-to-bumper and the traffic jam stretched all the way back, I couldn't see an end to it from where my car was.

But anyway, very clear road signs were displayed a good distance before the overpass (and even along it). It is a very straight forward instruction that unfortunately some drivers either are idiots or complete idiots not to have abide by it. There was no excuse about not noticing the signs.

Like every other driver I was 'queuing' up, but not long after I noticed a car passed by on the left. I instantly knew that he was trying to cut the queue, taking any chance he could get to 'slip' in the moment he sees a gap between cars.
Then I notice another car doing the same thing. And another, and other. When one driver does it, another follows. Monkey see, monkey do.

But they didn't care about the fact that they were obstructing the path of motorcyclists who deserve the right of way. It was their lane these drivers were on.

So there were series of honkings, and shoutings, and I noticed that the driver in front of me stepped out of his car when an inconsiderate driver just slips into his lane without signaling, or any kind of considerate behaviour, really. He confronted the other driver (who happened to be a woman) and told her off. I gave him the thumbs up for speaking up. At the same time this tells me that there are women drivers out there who are monsters on the road.

Just to give you an idea, look at these pictures...
You'll see that the cars on the left were trying their luck to slip into my lane and at the same time blocking the way of the motorcycles.

The car in the last picture tried to slip in right in front of me. I stared at the driver (a man with a very stupid look on his face) and shook my head and made it clear that he should've queued up like everyone else. So I mouthed "no" and held up my hand. He pointed to the car in front of him gesturing that others are doing it so he wasn't in the wrong. I shook my head again saying no fucking way! People like you caused so much shit on roads, if you want to get in this lane you gotta get behind me but good luck trying. I gestured him to get his car the hell away from mine because if he scratches it then he'll pay for it. I guess just because he noticed that here's a lady driver, he could take advantage of that.
Burn in hell.

He did scratch my car by the way because he was awfully too close. Well, more specifically my mum's car. I didn't notice it until I stepped out at my destination. But I've gotten a very clear picture of his car and license plate.

What an ass. Seriously.
I even noticed that out of all the drivers who displayed this very particular inconsiderate behaviour on the road, most of them were men. And the strange thing is how they still think that they're innocent! Or they come up with some egoistic excuse. Or they try to blame it on you especially if you're a woman.

So women drivers, we have the right to be idiots on the roads too. Don't be afraid to be very careful on the roads, don't worry about taking your time, drive as though you're driving a monster truck, and remember to just giggle or laugh when other drivers get pissed at you (they'd either get the wrong message or think that you're crazy).
Everybody knows women drivers are too careful, but be more careful anyway (even if it's an inconvenience/danger to others, we will all have our day to die so why the hell worry), know your rights, abide by the road rules, and if anybody dares to hit you or become so impatient that it results in assault, stand your ground.
Don't give in just because you're a woman. No shit.

Okay. So I'm pissed. But anyway, back to what I was talking about.

I don't think the authorities would do anything about it, but that's none of my concern. It's amusing to watch people who think that they really know what they're doing make fools out of themselves. They really have no ability to think or make a simple judgement. But of course, they do get away with such behaviour. They always do.

Kiasu-ism (definition: Fear of losing).


  1. I do agree with you on the part where women are careful driver. Though not all.

    I am a pillion on my boyfriend's bike and there were a lot of times, I encountered women who drive 'ikut suka hati bapak die punye road". Which is dangerous especially towards small vehicles.

    As hard as I tried to speak up for them but I can't help but saying, majority of women are bad drivers.

    Maybe you are exceptional. =)

  2. Kiasu-ism. It exists down south, and here too.

    Too bad for your mum's car. But yeah, you're right. Stand your ground.

    Just be sure to pick the fights you can win, little one.

  3. I see enough crazy asian female mid age drivers here

  4. I agree that there are women drivers out there who are bad drivers. Perhaps not exactly as men are but still equally as stupid.

    As long as men and women have each other, we will never run out of problems.

  5. men are aggressive, to the point of honking and crashing
    women are mindless and crazy, to the point of crashing. oh, also senselessly passing on the blame
    everyone will crash. weeeeeeee

  6. omg yr brave to drive in JB LOL.
    i'm still scared to take my license

  7. Women are dangerous on the road! Research has shown that almost half of the accidents is caused by women!!!

    And before you get mad, read that again. ;)

  8. Right. And how does it make it any different (or better for that matter) that the other half of all car accidents is caused by men?

    Before you get your ego boosted, research again.

  9. Exactly. ;) It was a joke.