23 April 2008

Meaning VS Happiness

Don't worry, I promise you this post won't put you to sleep :)

So I asked you what sort of life you'd rather live. One full of meaning or happiness? Most of you voted for "a life of happiness". I didn't vote on which kind of life I'd rather live but from this I can generally see that being happy is a lot more worth living for for most people.

Whichever you chose, I think both options can lead to happiness.

Some people create rules in their lives as to what specifically can or will make them happy. Indirectly it's like looking for some sort of meaning too.
"If I get a job then I'll be happy."
"If he marries me then I'll be happy."
"If I win this game then I'll be happy."
"If I was prettier/smarter/taller/thinner then I'll be happy."
But if those things didn't happen to them, can they still be happy?

Some people know that they don't need a reason to be happy. They can be happy 'just because'. Happiness isn't a state to them, it's an attitude.

Then there are those who seek meaning in their lives. And it's a form of wanting to be happy -because- of something.
"What am I hear for?"
"What's my purpose?"
"Do I only serve as a warning to others?"
"What have I done?"
If they don't ever find out, will they ever be happy?

Meaning may lead to happiness but not necessarily. Meaning can also be misleading... some people keep searching and searching until they die yet they come across nothing. The hope for happiness is there, but the whole time there's mostly sadness and perhaps anticipation.

The thing about life's meaning is that not everybody finds it within themselves. The ones who do go through life gracefully despite difficulties, but the ones who don't - especially in the worst cases - feel lost and unaccounted for. But there's still a chance to be happy without meaning. That's where simply happiness comes in. Happiness without reason, that is.
Unconditional happiness.

I shouldn't miss out one more thing... the I-don't-give-a-damn attitude.
It sounds stuck up but it's a form of happiness too. Like my ex-colleague, Su Jin. Everytime I want to know what's her opinion on something, she'd say, "I don't know, don't ask me, I don't care about these sorts of things. Ha ha ha."
But by 'these sorts of things' she really meant everything... so long as it harms none.
Although it doesn't mean that she's stuck up, she's still a nice person. She stood up for me a few times before and is never afraid to speak up.

So if you want to be happy in life, I recommend not putting any rules or boundaries in front of you. Just let go and breathe.


  1. cool..u hv change your layout..btw..i choose life with meaning

  2. Love the new look of SC.

    Just so you should know, I didn't vote because I think that meaning and happiness go hand in hand.

    I think happiness that is unconditional is more of being content with the way things are than being actually happy. To be actually happy is to have every desire you have come true with no strings attached, and that is close to impossible.

    You're right about the part on life with meaning. If some ppl never find the meaning to their life, it doesn't mean that it has no meaning, it simply means that they didn't find it.

    I guess in the end, life is cruel to all of us. But it's important that we survive it.