02 March 2008


Feel Good Inc.

I've been working for the past two months and I'm disappointed that my plans for staying at the company for at least a year had to be cancelled. I changed my mind because of some problems... like the fact that they made me handle a workload that's for two people. And the only way I could cope with it was to work for like 12 hours a day. Like hell I'd do that for the rest of the year.
I've been working at least 50 hours a week to something that only makes me miserable by the days. The company wouldn't let me go in the first place, but I told them that I'm fed up and I've had enough of being pushed around just because they know I'm good. They wanted me to give them some time while they figure out how to go around the fact that they are severely under-staffed and while they redefine their work-flow system but I told them I haven't that much time to waste. My (then) boss offered me a higher position but I declined because it was a position that I've never heard of before, furthermore it was a position that they have yet to discuss on, so for me it's not even worth it since that's the case. You offer me something rock solid, otherwise no thanks.
They were wondering why wouldn't I just take up the challenge. I said it was no doubt unnecessary. To think of it, that wasn't challenging, that was a whole heap of unnecessary stress. How is that so difficult to distinguish? Some people may be okay with it probably because they don't have anything better to do, but not me. Stress is indeed inevitable in any type of work - that I understand, but to the point that it intrudes your own life? Wow... yeah... I should just take up the challenge and worship the company and commit to serve. I know some people just accept this as a supposed fact of life, but everybody knows that we all have limits. It's just that some people still choose to be so ignorant... so there's nothing I can do about that.

I almost fell sick but good thing I'm relieved now. I'll be picking up where I last left off. I think I've pretty much had it.

Just what was I thinking putting myself through this.

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