12 February 2008

No distance left to run

Unfortunately I didn't shave my hair off completely. Yes, I had planned to. I have a huge face anyway, might as well show off the bone structure of such an unusual thing. But this evening I got a layered haircut instead. My hair's still long, it's just shorter than before. It is less of a load on my shoulders now - the difference I can feel. Curious how I look like? Grunge. Now I can headbang.

Plans to go to bed early failed again tonight, as they did yesterday. Last week was good though. I had 6 days off from work (Chinese New Year was the occasion) and spent the time away at my grandma's. It was good while it lasted. I learned of more ways to cook. For those of you who do not know, cooking is one of the things I love to do. Good childhood memories came back too. those good laughs. The best time of all was the peace and the sleep.
(No sisters to piss the hell out of me. No housework, hah.) The weather was good too. Nice and cool. I got home yesterday. Heartache. And here it is, back to routine. Work and shit.

My latest depiction is of two young ladies who I know. I finished this on Saturday. Or was it Sunday? I don't quite remember. But it was sometime over the weekend. I used normal graphite pencils (4B) and a terribly abused eraser.
I'm still 'playing kite' with this portrait thing. It's my nature and my passion. Do you know what I mean? Letting it go. Pulling it back. Letting it go again. Pulling it back again. Today I was serious enough to do something about it.
But something let me down again.
Nevertheless, I'm glad this one turned out good enough. It's the quality that counts sometimes, rather than quantity.

I need to put on my socks. My feet are cold. They become cold and numb at the slightest drop in temperature. Same goes with my fingers. Poor Michael when he realized this... (sorry, Sweetie, for the times I shocked you with cold hands. It's much colder in Germany so it was like I had super frozen hands, haha). I'm not cold but this stupid disease often wakes me up in the middle of the night. Strangely what helps is taking a cold shower. Like the time I went swimming at the North Sea... the water was deathly cold, but when I came out after 15 minutes, I had - for the first time in ages - warm hands! Problem solved. So take note, if you ever do shake my hand just don't ask me why it's cold.

Ok. I'll just go get my socks now coz my toes will drop off any second.

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