13 January 2008

Goosebumps and Blues

Was it hard to wake up this morning...
I set my phone's alarm to vibrate and put it under my pillow. The moment it went off at 06:45 I kept hitting the snooze button. Finally managed to pull myself up at 07:45. I remembered a couple of dreams I had although it was vague.

In one dream I was forced to go back to school. Not by anyone but by chance, or as if it was destiny that I still have many years of school to go. High-school kind of school. I was nervewrecked. I never missed school because it was never quite enjoyable for me and the times I tried to make it interesting were times that brought me nowhere.

In another dream, I dreamt of Michael. My dreams of him are almost like literal memory flashbacks, but memories in a different form. Changing to make the situation new to me but the reality is that I've been there before. They take away a little bit of the hurt from missing him a lot. I couldn't even be there for his birthday. I sucketh and should shooteth myself in the head... :(
My dreams of him are good dreams. The 'fact' that I could just give him a hug or see him close enough that I could touch him, or hear his voice or return that familiar smile, it takes away a whole load off of me.
But my readers, you have no idea what I've been trying to pull myself through.

So it's a Sunday. Just one day off from work. The past week I lived as if my only purpose of living was for work. All hail work. Submit to work. Surrender and despair. Gah. Well I'm not going to let it bother me too much. My new working place is rather weird in its own way.

There are things I look forward to though. I bought a beat up paperback novel (Interview with the Vampire) by Anne Rice and House MD Season 2. It's funny because I've watched seasons 1 to 3, but since I haven't got season 2 my mum's been asking about it.
Another series that I wish so badly that I could get my hands on is Moonlight.

Today I'll be volunteering at a special arts school. I can hardly wait. :D
I was pretty glad that they accepted me for the whole term. So I'll be volunteering every Sunday until end of August.
Finally something useful to do.

I should cook something today too. I miss sushi and salmon. And I've gotten sick of pasta. But perhaps I'll make something with the pumpkin.
Have a good week.

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