30 January 2008

Oh Teeth

Standing in the sun feels good sometimes. Especially in the morning. But beyond morning... no. I took this picture while I was in the car. Can't remember what I was doing but I was just staring at the stainless steel bracelet that I have on. It reminds me of someone. And my hand looks good with it.. hehe :p

I took the day off today to visit the dentist. I had scaling, polishing and filling done. Good news is that everything's kinda alright and my next visit will be 6 months from now. Bad news is that the tooth that was damaged (the one next to where the wisdom tooth used to be) is either dead or barely alive. The dentist tested the sensation of the tooth and out of the (estimated) 15 times he tried jolting it with a metal thingy, I only felt something on the tooth twice. Even then the sensation was barely there. So... one step closer to the possibility of the much dreaded root canal.

I don't want the root canal :'(

I was told that if I experience any pain for more than 2 days then it can only mean infection. Then I wouldn't have a choice. I'm hoping that things remain the same... as in no more pain. So I've been careful with the whole brushing and flossing thing. It's not easy, I have to say, trying to remember to floss especially. Coz when you get home after a hard day's work you just couldn't care less. But I really.. don't.. like.. scaling. Especially to the extreme because it feels like you're getting your teeth chiseled away and your gums scraped off.

My dentist was an overworked hospital dentist. I don't think I will see him in 6 months. I might go to my other favourite dentist who has his own clinic. The one I so much loathed as a child. Whom I punched and kicked. Who gave me sweets and little stickers to bribe me to shut up so he can take a look at my tiny teeth. Yes. His clinic is still here in my town after all those years and I'm so glad. He'll be proud that I got rid of my wis-doom teeth, fixed my almost dead (or probably already dead) tooth, and that I keep my teeth clean. Ahaha.

*Sigh* I hate dentists. You know why? I forked out $120 for 30 minutes of chiseling and scraping. If, just if, the root canal is my destiny, then that fate will cost me at least $1300. At least! Damn. I just won't ever be able to save.
In the long run just living on the streets like cattle on the field, but with very good.... teeth... and no money to buy food for the teeth to chew.

Ugh. What's the point.

I'm going to bed.

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