03 December 2007

She's Got a Pencil

Since I have enough time on my hands, I'm drawing again. On Sunday I went to the art supplies shop to find the best kind of paper they had. I found them, but they were expensive so I bought the next best quality that I could afford. Then I saw a thick black book of blank paper especially for sketching, I couldn't resist but get one for myself :)

Above: My uncle and his girl agreed to be my first 'model couple'. They look very sweet together. I drew this from a photograph so I could take my time with it and make sure I get the details right. At first it was a little challenging because it was a nice picture but it wasn't wide/big enough, so I had to enlarge it as far as it would go, print it out, and did my best. I'm not so satisfied with the outcome but it's good enough. For now.


Above: This was drawn from a picture of my little cousin. The photographer was me. I asked her to give me her best smile and it was perfect. It didn't take me long to finish this piece. Not too satisfied with it either but still I'm happy about it.

I've been getting requests asking me to sketch my portraits in colour instead of black and white. The truth is I have no idea if I can pull it off. If I attempt to, I'll let you know of the outcome. I have yet to also experiment with charcoal.

I was thinking of drawing another portrait today. We'll see.

A short update of my previous week; I had another appointment with Dentist. He did a filling on my tooth that was damaged because of my late wisdom tooth. There was no pain or discomfort initially but I've been feeling throbbing pain in the past 2 or 3 days. It comes and goes. I can't really tell if it's increasing or decreasing. But I know that if it doesn't go away I'm gonna have to go through the root canal procedure. It's going to cost me at least S$1,300 if the nerve is damaged (which I think it is), and if there's already an infection on the way (and it feels like it). Dentist said "We might just get away with a filling," but I feel like my tooth is going to crack open. There's no swelling though, but it hurts right now as we speak so I'm keeping my Ibuprofen pills in reach for when I really can't take it anymore. Then maybe I'd have to see him again alot sooner than he expected.

Anyway, I know some of you are excited and counting down the days until Christmas. Reunions with family, reunions with friends, travelling, presents, food. Wow, lucky you. I don't celebrate Christmas, but just like Eid or other religious holidays, it's something I acknowledge and have much respect for.
Happy holidays :)


  1. can i have one too?
    the sketches are nice..
    the little girl is halim's sis rite? :D cute-ness..

  2. Wow!!! Those drawings are outstanding!! I'm really impressed of your talent, Ira. I wish I could draw like you :)

  3. Thanks Desi :)
    Glad you like it. Unfortunately drawing is the only thing that I'm really good at, haha, but it's something I could be happy about. I will put up more drawings soon.

    And Puteri Yani, that is actually Dina. Hehe. She's really cute.
    And sure, I'll be in touch.