05 November 2007

Blogging: Whether it's right or wrong

Good morning. And (lose) shit. I have diarrhea. 5 hours of sleep suffice.

After the toilet, I looked up an article online as I was thinking whether or not I should edit or delete posts in my blog. At first I thought that I should just delete my whole blog and stop blogging. Reason being: I know it's not as interesting or as intelligent as the blogs I have linked ;]
(Aw come on, just say it is so)

Yes. Thoughts about deleting my blog come about on a weekly basis. Happens to some bloggers. Happens to me. I'm sure it has happened to you . If it hasn't, wow.

Apparently there are rules when it comes to blogging. Just to name a few:
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary
  • Paragraphs!
    This is high priority. Not only does it make reading easier, it's less likely to scare readers away.
When it comes to editing stuff, or deleting, what should be considered are more like ethical standards of blogging, rather than rules. My blog is unethical because:
  • I use overly abstract language. Sometimes.
  • I've used it to indirectly communicate with others.
  • When I edit I don't point out where or what I edited (save for spelling mistakes).
  • I've deleted entries that are obviously too late to delete. Bad entries. Basic rule to remember is that once entries are published, they are forever. Like words that you can't take back. Even if you edit or delete them, it's almost always too late. So I feel bad about that, I still do and I always will.
Talking about regrets... Regrets are damaging. It's damaging me. But I'll face it like a "man" and take it to my grave if I can't leave it behind. There must be better things I can do than wallow in the sorrows I'm probably orgasmic with. What's said and what's done is said-and-done. There's nothing else I can do and I can't change anything, unless I'm forgiven and set free from any grudge. It feels like I'm wearing cement shoes and then tossed into the ocean.

Lord have mercy on my soul (because no one cares).

Anyway, I'm going to blog about stuff that involves or interests me, coz there are more sides of me you haven't seen. Or read, rather. At the same time I'd rather not talk about myself or things that are just best kept to myself (except maybe sharing it in private with someone I can trust).

Thank you for your comments on my posts and on my tagboard. Keep them coming. I like hearing from my readers. So feel free to send me questions, criticisms, corrections, or death threats.

I shall now engage in some blog housekeeping so the entries that are irrelevant will be trashed, but since some entries are timeless I'd consider editing them or recycling them.

It's always nice to listen to some music while I'm at it so... the non-intrusive player's on the right. Just in case you're interested. I wouldn't know.

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  1. Your blog IS interesting.

    (Yes, someone does care.)

    And you are a good writer.

    But you already know all that.