12 November 2007


Yesterday I volunteered to help children from an orphanage make their first photo album. I met with the rest of the volunteers at the Botanic Gardens in the morning and we waited to welcome the kids. Each of them were given a disposable camera. Most of them didn't know how to use a camera, like the girl I was paired with, but we were all there to help. We went around the gardens and the children could take pictures of anything they liked.
Later that day we went to a buffet restaurant for lunch. We sat for awhile to help design the cover of their photo albums.

It was a good day at least. Made me realize that we do take things for granted, like love, family, food, techology, money. We take laughter for granted too. It was nice to make them smile. And the fact that they appreciated my help, and how I was willing to just talk to them - that was honesty on their part. I'd volunteer again some day - something new to me that makes me feel better.


  1. Those are wondeful pics, Ira. You did great. I am proud of what you've done.

  2. Aww, I would like to volunteer to and help others, too :( :$ :$ What you did has reminded me of my inspiration, the late Julia Campbell :(

    Maybe, sumday, I'll try to participate volunteering, too :)

    Nice job, Ira:)

  3. Hie Ira.. That was nice. How did you get involved in this.. I am interested. Heehee..

    Anyway, is it just me or you look different now.. A bit pale though.. Hehe! Hope you are not sick or whatsoever..

  4. This was organized by my mum's company so I signed up as a volunteer. Rhea, I really recommend volunteering because it's a nice thing to do. You can try it someday if you find the chance. I would also volunteer in other countries if I could.

    Hi Imah, it's been awhile. So nice to hear from you. If you are interested I can let you know if my mum's company organize another volunteering event like this.
    But there are also many non-profit organizations in Singapore that offers volunteering programs.

    And no, I'm not sick.
    (I hope not).
    Hehe. Don't worry.
    Thanks for the comments.