20 November 2007


Thank you - if you told me what your choices were. It's the first poll I created for my blog, just one of Blogger's neat little widgets. I put it up because I wanted to know what you think. I was also not sure how my blog's been holding up, so I had to decide what's worth doing with my blog.

Maybe some of you noticed that I didn't write about this new job that I supposedly have. I don't want to keep it from everyone so the truth is that it didn't really work out. It wasn't for me. I don't want to write about what happened but I can say that it really was stupid. But I just want to forget about it now. So I'm here at home, not quite enjoying the free time, and just trying to pull myself together again. I know that rejections tend to come and go, and it's all a part of life. But I just have to keep trying. If I don't trust me to pick myself up no one will, right?

I'm okay though. I've been reading a novel called The Colour of Love by Preethi Nair. It's not a love story. Not a dramatic novel either but it's honest and very down to earth. It's a story about a woman who's trying to be true to herself and finding out what really matters in her life. Yet she has all sorts of things to deal with - losing her bestfriend to cancer, a fiancé who betrayed her with another woman, leaving her job as a lawyer soon after, her loving but overly tradional parents who never understands who 'promised' her to a guy she doesn't love, and how she has always wanted to paint as an artist, and all sorts of other personal dilemmas. But when she was discovered by an agent who was interested in one of her paintings, things became even more complicated. I couldn't really put this book down. Somehow I'm able to relate to certain things.

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