12 October 2007

Wisdom Teeth Surgery, Day 3

I need a hug.

Day 3 of my ordeal. My face hurts because of the swelling and I can feel the stitches in my mouth tightening. (Psychological?) Any movement of my mouth sends jolts down my neck.

I will survive.
Surviving on really soft food actually. It's kind of fun because lately I make use of the blender. I put everything that I "used to" can-eat into it and just crush everything into pulp. Porridge, potatoes, carrots, chicken, a kind of sauce that I made just to give it taste. Haha. The outcome is really bad though. I don't recommend.

It's frustrating too when I have to use the flattest and smallest spoon just coz it's the only thing that can fit at my mouth. I am also dehydrated. Little do I realize. System full of drugs.

Staying up now because I need to remember to take my meds. 2 more hours to go.

Nothing on tv to watch. People are all so happy this day. It's Eid. Like Christmas people just love each other so much. I just want to stay home. I look zombified anyway, and I can't eat despite the fact that there will be a feast at my grandma's (can't expect me to bring the blender), and I just hate sweating around all day. So all the reason to stay indoors. At home.

Whatever happens outside... blessed be all you happy people.


  1. Hi Ira :) Hope you're feeling better now. I don't think I could survive if I was in your place >_<
    Hope you're doing fine. Big hugs :)