11 October 2007

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

The Tooth Fairy kicked my ass.

I arrived at the hospital very early yesterday with no voice. I lost it because of a very bad sore throat. I asked the nurses if it was okay for the surgery, they said as long as it was okay with me. So I told them just carry on. (I wanted to get it over and done with anyway).

So they put me to sleep, took out all 4 teeth, the whole thing took 2 hours, and then the waking up part was crazy. Like being in shock coz I was shivering. Took some time to find my breathing rythm again. Taking quick shallow breaths wasn't enough but taking deep breaths made me cough. I couldn't move properly. Just trying to open my eyes was a struggle. The nurses were like "Can you open your eyes?... Yes... Bigger, please. Bigger..." And I was thinking "How big?! I can't. Argh."
Well the headache after that was pretty bad.

There was pain in my mouth too, but it isn't so bad. And today, day 2, I'm fine. I just look like I have golfballs in my cheeks. Last night was all about controlling the bleeding, but I still bled all over the place. Had to apologize to my mum for ruining the cushions. This morning I had mouth full of blood. Quite disgusting. The hospital called this morning and said that if I'm still bleeding like crazy this afternoon, I'll have to call them.

So I have to come back next week for the stitches to be removed. I just hope I don't dislodge anything.

I can't speak properly and I have to eat liquid stuff for the next week or two. Just until I feel comfortable chewing again. Or until it's alright to open my mouth without thinking about it.

There was this girl at the hospital who went through the same surgery I did, her bed was beside mine and when she came back she started crying. The nurses had to calm her down. Then she threw up everything she had in her stomache. I thought wow... I'm lucky the only side effect I had from GA was intense headache.

The doctor came to check on me then and after he changed the gauze in my mouth, the pain was excrutiating when I had to bite down hard. That was the only torture that almost made me regret doing this. But then today I've never been better. I'm just hungry and still having to flinch when I swallow or yawn. Well, you can imagine.

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