05 October 2007

Poem: Ghost Logic

Half-closed eyes
Ugly when you sleep

You dream of miracles making things right
You hope for truth in between your lies
And you feel
You feel your heavy heart dismantling

Wake up, little insignificance
Break the cycle
Stop the tears, stop the pain
Rid the imaginary ghost - you thought real

Nothing's real anymore

Head in hands and fallen
You turn away from everything else

Suffocating in the heat
Your screams dissolve to utter silence
Take it in
Take in the loneliness surrounding you tonight

Stay awake, little insignificance
Maybe it's going to hurt
A little tear, a little pain
A little ghost of your imagination - you're alone

Nothing's real anymore

You and your ways
Why do you lie to me?
It's time you face
And have yourself to blame

Fall asleep,
Sweet, sweet dreams
And close your eyes
And hope again

Shut them tight this time - you seem
Peaceful when you're dead

- Ira 2007
(just a note to self)

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