17 July 2007


Less than two weeks until I leave. Not so over-enthusiastic about going. I emotionally drained myself. Don't know what to feel anymore.
It rained a few hours ago but I wished it would've rained the entire night.

A colleague asked me to go swimming with her tomorrow. Earlier I agreed, but now I think I change my mind. I don't have that much time to waste. Guess I should let her know. I'd rather go jogging early in the morning in the next two weeks.

Hm.. and a random thought, I think Desi's blog looks very nice. Good job :)

Well.. I'm counting down the days until I get on a plane. About 9 days to go.
I'm also turning 20 soon. But I feel I just want my life to be over and done with. There's a point in it where I'm just too tired.

I notice there isn't really a difference leaving my posts open or private.
Anyway, this is my last entry for July.

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