03 June 2007

Poem: Marit on the dashboard

Nobody noticed the light come in
You crawl into a room
Slip in through the skin
Slip into costume

Breathe underneath the surface
Take in the water - is cold
Your voice become an obstacle
Words I won't ignore

You move on
In grace of your own time
Pretty things come
People surround

You move in
Quietly in your own time
Moving in on me
What do you mean?

Mistakes make or break
Only a fool knows
Only a fool
Is ever so careful

Feet bound to the ground
Head lost in the air
Solid like the air
Somewhere out there

Where there's tomorrow
I'll borrow your love and return
This time tomorrow
I'd lend you my life and be heard

Envy when you run your thoughts
Envy your recent illusions
I envy
That presence on raised foundation
Envy when you surface
From a game of drowning
With nothing but a drop of air
You still survive
Envy when the light engulfs you
Envy when you feel the love
I envy
It brings me a smile

I come to my senses
I lose control
In the end
I come to another door
Who's on the other side?
Who will forget me?
In the end
What's there to realize?

That happiness come closer
Sorrow never far behind
Poison brings emotional things
My passion, sometimes

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