04 June 2007

Hello Michael

I was bored so I went to Yahoo! Avatars and made Michael and me. He's such a good person :P. He picked up my phone call and we talked and the best part was that I heard his voice again.


Haha. It's a funny thing when you just want to listen to someone and not interrupt coz it's suddenly more interesting to pay attention. But... yeah. Not the first time, but still... it was the coolest thing. Although I should've called him many more times before if only long distance calls were really that cheap. The fact that I can't make international calls from my phone unless I'm 21 is rather depressing, but yeah, that's Singtel. Thanked my mum today for suggesting another service that'll give me hours of talk time which won't cost me much.

I can stalk him now :P


  1. isn't it a lot cheaper to use Skype???

  2. You Skype man!
    How reliable is it? I don't want to deal with delays, being cut off every couple of minutes or having to use my computer just to make the call. I might as well just use MSN in that case, just as crappy. And I got it far cheaper when calling phone-to-phone compared to SkypeOut anyway.

  3. OMG. I was just gonna recommend Skype!

  4. http://cicikiz-partii.blogspot.com/

    that's my new blog. btw. Haven't updated as much. But just to have you know.

  5. well, you can do video at the same time, but so can Live Messenger, but microsoft is EVIL