04 May 2007

Forget Mother's Day

Why did my mum have to come home? I woke up knowing that I had the whole house to myself. I had wanted to continue writing. I sat in the living room, relaxed and happy. Then my mum came home (along came her husband too) and the first thing she did was raise her voice at me. Why? For wanting to relax first before I engage in endless chores.

She asked me why I didn't do the dishes (thanks to my sister for making the mess and not keeping her promise to clean it up). She tried to say I was useless again. Started throwing tantrums, banging things around, darting here and there doing the chores herself.
Why did she have to come home? She tells me to do this and do that and just because I don't do it fast enough she goes on a rampage. I'm better off not being under her roof. I didn't say a word to her because her mind is fixed on what her point is. My arguments will prove useless and it will still come down to me hearing that I should've done this and should've done that.
Me, me, me.

She wouldn't give me a chance at all.
She had thanked me for doing the chores but what is that compared to this? It doesn't make me feel like she appreciates me. Too much accusation as compared to appreciation.

I was thinking of what to do for her on mother's day. But it's just going to make me sick now.

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