27 May 2007

Travel and Volunteer

It must be an eye-opening experience to be a volunteer overseas in countries like Mongolia, Africa or India. From building homes or schools for the poor people to giving support to orphaned children, to those suffering from AIDS. I figured that if I never find what meaning my life has and nothing seems to work, I might as well give the less fortunate some meaning in theirs.

Had a dream once about meeting a homeless family. There was the mother, father and a kid. I remember walking in a back alley where I passed them by. They looked at me as if expecting me to at least give them something, but pretended they weren't there. But after a few steps ahead I stopped and turned around, approached them and asked if they were hungry. The father said yes so I asked if I could buy them lunch that day. Even in that state he was modest, saying that I don't have to if it was troublesome on my part. I insisted and he thanked me profusely, I said it's not a problem. Took them to a nearby cafe and we had some local food. I asked him, his wife and kid to ask for anything they want. I talked to them and asked them some things about their lives. He mentioned some problems he had that led him to this state. I gave him some encouragement, said that it's never to late to start life from scratch again. It's a matter of determination and never giving up.
When we were done I paid for everything and bid them luck and farewell. The father said that good things will happen to me. Then I woke up.

Well I would be needing a lot of good luck it seems.

So maybe in the future I might do this - provided situations allow. But I'd like to if/when given the chance. Just volunteering somewhere I've never been to for a couple of weeks. If it's something that can make me feel better about myself then it's one of the things to do before I die.

Travelling is what I feel like doing a lot later. What I had in mind was to visit rural places where nature's most profound. I like seeing mountains, villages and their people, waterfalls, untouched bays, lagoons and forests. I'm supposed to see the world... it's what I feel money is worth spent on.
I'd work for a year or so then travel for weeks or even months, then it's back to working. Then travelling again year after year. Maybe it might bring my stress level down to minus-something.
God forbid this concrete jungle, fast-paced life we're all in.

I'd have better things to write about, something to take pictures of, many things to learn about, and plenty of time and mind-space to sort myself out. Zero time to worry. If I could travel and get paid for it, that's even better. If I can do this with Michael, that's best.

Back to now, I still have other things to sort out first.
But well this keeps me sane and tells me that nothing's impossible.

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