06 April 2007

Dysmenorrhea - good to be a woman

It is known that I would experience approximately 500 times of it in my lifetime. Why oh why? Women should be allowed to talk about what it's like going through periods. If you are squeamish, go not futher.

Your body's temperature rises, you start sweating like a pig, you get food cravings, and even pain. Ugly pain. No, seriously. I'd have to resort to pills like these ones if all else fails. Imagine... it's uncomfortable to sit, lie down, or stand. I can feel my body splitting itself into two from the inside out. There's nausea, headache, backache, legache, shoulderache, neckache. Ah, monthly doom.

No I am not going to remove my womb. I shall face it.

Some women totally pamper themselves during this time. They have hot baths, hot things to drink, make their beds totally fluffy and comfortable. Well I don't have my own bed to start with. Nor a tub. Just pills. A lot of water. A warm cloth on my stomach. Mind over matter. It's bearable at the moment because of panadol but it doesn't last very long and work tomorrow might be a little tough.

I just want it to be OVER. Bleeding like an idiot... pfft.
I do get moodswings though but I try to control myself when I do. But I'd feel like I just wanna hit somebody in the train or smash a plate on the floor. Or scream in the lift. Yesterday I 'gently' hit my head on the wall once coz I couldn't sleep and that frustrated me so I thought "idiot" and then thud... Then I thought "Okay, now I can sleep."
Weird huh. It is, when you lose yourself to it. But when it's PMS it'd be naive to want to fight it. One thing I realize about myself is I get irritable and when someone tries to talk to me I'd respond with a "Shut up."

Sometimes it's good to be a woman but every month it hurts. Some women don't get cramps but most do. Tough luck. But knowing that if we can go through periods and childbirth (which can sometimes lead to death coz that's how much pain there is), it's also knowing that we can go through anything at all. Pain is second nature. Sometimes pain is worth it. Pain teaches you things. Wakes you up. Puts you in a better position. And when it goes away you can actually feel the pleasure of relief.
Then it feels good to be alive. Coz you can only feel when you're alive.

I just want to deal with the pain for now. Mind over matter. Pain is cool. Pain is temporary. Only 5 more days to go. Shit.


  1. told you hitting your head is good

  2. Yeah. You feel the 'vibrations' on the spot where your head was hit. And it's kinda like... massage. Hah.

  3. If your periods are that bad you should consider going on the birth control pill. It can help level out your hormones and help with the PMS symptoms. But if you have an adversity to that, which I can understand, it has kind of a stigma to it, exercise can help rid of cramps.

    blah blah blah, you know all this already !