01 March 2007

Hole in the Pocket

After taking down my expenses I realized that I spent, in 2 months, the amount of what I spent in the whole of last year.

This is after careful spending, mind you. I didn't spend aimlessly. Shopping was out of the question else I would've spent even more. I won't mention the most expensive thing I spent on but what follows after are (not in order) transportation, phone bills, monthly contacts, giving some money to my mum, and occasional lunch. For the latter I try to spend below $3 each time. And I bought some other weird things like flat shoes, a Bible, a German dictionary and more canvas paper when I hardly do that much drawing.
Turns out that for the whole of March I have to feast on scraps. Seems like what I earn is what I spend and nothing is saved. Now I know what it's like to live from paycheck to paycheck. Work kills the hell out of you and what do you get? Nothing... Doesn't it get on your nerves living like this?

There goes my hopes for a new camera.
I was looking forward to a 10-megapixel Olympus, it should last me a lifetime compared to my 4-megapixel brandless digicam that didn't last me 6 months. But it's just as beautiful as it costs.
Can't afford it. Yet.
Well, it's gotta wait.

With the time that I still am not sure how to spend, I spend them at work. Forcing myself to go out means forcing myself not to think too much and focus (focus, focus, focus) on reality. It's a good distraction I suppose.
Last week I got back to drawing so finally there was use for the canvas I bought. It's always nice to know that I can still draw because it felt like I've lost it.
I've been reading a lot even at work. I'm not supposed to read when I work but I grab every chance I could. After my affair with religiosity I'm moving on to Edgar-Allan-Poe-logy.

Hm.. next week I shouldn't leave any money in my wallet.


  1. Yeah, not having money sucks, doesn't it? Yesterday I went to this comicbook store and found a copy of the graphic novel 300, that inspired the same movie opening next week. I was hoping to save enough before getting it, and today I went back there, and it was gone. Damn, I would have bought it yesterday if I knew it'd be gone so fast.

    But I know, you're in a worse situation. The best thing you can do is eliminate any expenses you don't need, if there are any. And be patient, all good things come to those who wait.

    I'm glad to know you're spending your time well. Looking forward to converse with you in Malay again;)

  2. also leave anything that can allow you to get cash home
    bank card, credit card, cheques, how to sign your name, so on so forth
    just to be safe, you know?

  3. Sorry about that, Aaron. Maybe you'll get it next time.

    And Tom, sounds good. I think it would help too not to have any vision aid, mobile phone, or makeup.