11 March 2007

First Blood Donation

Yesterday was my third day off from work. I fell asleep in the living room the night before and woke up uncomfortable. Glad I drew the curtains though, they shut the morning sunlight out. I've been looking forward to something and it arrived that day - a letter. It was lying on the table and the first thing I saw when I sat up.
Breakfast that day was reading from a piece of paper the reasons for me to live. Shameless for me to ask for it but thank you, Aaron. I'm sorry for the trouble but it helped me a lot. To have something to look forward to does get me through just one more day.

I got ready for something else that day that I also looked forward to - giving blood. I felt uneasy until I arrived at my sister's school where the blood donation drive was held. Everything went smoothly despite the fact that it was my first time. My blood was free from 'HIV' and my weight was in the right range, and generally I'm 'alright'. The doctor said my heart rate was a little too fast and I told him that he hasn't seen anything yet. He chuckled. So then I had some water to drink before the procedure, my body temperature went up a little and I was just trying to stop my mind from thinking about my disturbing life, ugh. I almost wanted to ask them to drain my blood a.s.a.p.

When it was my turn the nurse asked "Your first time?"
"Okay, just relax. Did you take any medication in the past week?"
"No." (Resisted painkillers just so I could get through with this.)
"Are you feeling well?"
Then she gave me some information to read. "Read this first, just in case you don't feel well afterwards."
"Okay, just relax."

Anaesthesia was used before she slid the hollow needle in. It was interesting how she positioned it under my skin to find my vein. Anyway, no pain, bummer. But it was good. Actually it felt very good. I could feel the warm blood through the tube that was taped to my arm. And when the bag was full (took about 10 minutes), she took the needle out and I applied pressure on my arm to stop the bleeding.
Now why did I even do that. Haha. But then I realized I felt very relaxed. Light and calm and relaxed. If I knew this was the solution to stress, imagine how often I'll give blood. But overall an interesting experience. Why I did it was because I felt like it, and it might save someone's life anyway, whoever out there who really wants to live.

I felt good the rest of that day. Only felt tired a few hours after that and had to rest for awhile. My mind just totally cleared. Given the choice, I'll do this again in a heartbeat. Too bad I'd have to wait.

It's my fourth day off from work today. My supervisor texted me yesterday asking me to come to work today, I agreed to that but soon after she said I don't have to come to work, which was good because I needed the break anyway. I went to the beach where it was obviously very hot. I watched people, some were fishing, some were cycling, and some were having a good time with family and friends. A typical Sunday afternoon for Singaporean families. It was crowded though. And some guy tried to hit on me but he didn't make it.
Well, I made it back home before dusk and thought today went well.

Neither did I draw nor write lately. Looks like I have to put them back on hold while I catch up on serious reading. I just want to read and be alone, this is by far my best distraction ever. But I'm also glad that I stayed away from the computer long enough. Now I'm thinking about the fact that I have to go back to work. Demanding customers, screaming children, impossible people. How much I prepare myself for another blow doesn't really have any use, but I try.

So I've had my break. Time to get back up.
And I'll keep this letter close just in case I find myself on the edge again.

Have a good week.


  1. did you get asked if you are homosexual or if you got AIDS?

  2. Many times. Probably all the questions I had to answer on paper was stressing on that.

  3. You're welcome, sis. And really, it's no trouble at all. That's what friends are for.

    And you got hit on again. How come that never happens to me? :P