30 March 2007

City of Stress

I spent an evening at the most ridiculously massive shopping centre called Vivo City. Didn't know why I felt like I just wanna see what it's like there. There was a fashion show and all the models looked like accurate copies of mannequins behind display windows. There were stores selling expensive things, there were bright lights, and many ways to get lost and then there was the common crowd which kept my stress levels up.

This picture by the way was taken from the waterfront. There was a cruise ship, ferries, and directly opposite from where I stood is another island. The cable cars above lead to it. Michael and I went on it last year and he was fascinated by a label pasted on a voice system in the car which is used to explain more about the island - the label said "under service". But we just thought 'Out of Order' would've been more appropriate.

Anyway, I met an old friend as well who happened to be working there (Vivo City). The last time I saw her was in 2002. I still have an old picture of her but I threw out many letters I've gotten, including hers. I felt we've already lost contact anyway so I thought I'd just forget about it. Turns out that when you give up things just happen.
I'm glad we crossed each other's paths again. I still remember how we used to go crazy in class, making fun of anything, and laughing until we couldn't breathe. I remember our summer camp in Malaysia that we got all dirty and smelly after not showering for days because the bathrooms were dark and way too disgusting to step into. Just ridiculous kids-stuff back then. I seriously thought I'd never see her again.. but man.. I did see her again. Just after 5 years.

My legs are aching after all the walking. But it's more because I was wearing these flat sandals and they keep sliding off. Tomorrow I won't have any shoes to wear because I couldn't fix the soles of the only pair of shoes that I wear to work. So maybe I'll go natural and show up at work bare-footed. Or maybe a cobbler could save my shoes... coz I can't afford to spend on shoes again if they're just gonna keep falling apart so often.

Today I didn't know where to go and what to do. I don't feel like working tomorrow.
But I just want to sleep now, I'm still a little too tired.

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  1. under service makes it sounds more sophisicated